House Of Gord – Savannah Discovers Bishop

Another in the sequel of bringing the great Bob Bishop to life. Savannah climbs aboard another of his display stands and finds that Gord could not resist the temptation to upgrade it with a fucking machine. But things got better. Kay decided to have a lot of fun with this helpless displayed amazon stunner.

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House Of Gord – Wenona And Mobi-Fuck

Wenona enjoys a long, long session on Mobi-Fuck during the hot days of summer; and Gord has fun with his radio controlled orgasmic-toy. So folks, this is probably the most in depth set-up showing of the Mobi-Fuck that has long been requested by lovers of this magnificently warped sexual fantasy toy.

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House Of Gord – Zo – Rubber Doll

This week we had Zo over. Patrick had heard she wanted to try her luck at Gordian Fucking Machines. When we asked which one, she apparently replied “All of them”. Patrick brought Zo with him, and this is the rubber sheathed apparition that arrived. Zo never shows her face. Take a good look because this rubber doll is all you will ever see of her unless you happen to be family. So you guys and gals who have been asking for full cover hoods should be happy now.

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House Of Gord – Bitch Bender Almost Maxed Out

Claire Adams wanted a second go at the Bitch Bender so, grudgingly, we obliged. Ah, well! Someone has to keep these bondage mega-stars happy and well bound, and the House of Gord is ideally equipped. Fortunately, Claire brought a superb corset with her, and the colour match was perfect for our red suits. When she is finally cinched up and the air power is switched on, Claire will experience everything that a toothpaste tube feels when you are trying to get that last bit of toothpaste out.

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House Of Gord – Walking Fucking Machine

2013 Folsom Street Fair Gord’s Walking Fucking Machine – Femcar and Pandora63 traveled to this year’s Folsom Fringe Steeet Fair and demo’d Jeff Gord’s Walking Fucking Machine in public at the street fair. Femcar wore the machine for 5 hours and this week her pussy is still sore. The jaw-dropping spectacle was seen by thousands of Festival-goers. As they passed by kink stage, all eyes turned to Femcar and Pandora as they paraded past the stage.

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House Of Gord – Installed For Service

A scene from Gord’s S.B.I.Trilogy involves some of Gord’s most extreme bondage! This incredible scene features extreme rope suspension, multilayered encasement and extreme objectification. The House of Gord is where no bondage is too tight, no device too devious, and no damsel too distressed!

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House Of Gord – Room 237

A script taken directly from one of Gord’s most famous books, Project 237, has been transformed into a House of Gord feature length film – Room 237! Three succulent women are in from out of town for a beauty pageant. They check into Room 237, but they never check out! They are kidnapped by a slave trader who has received orders from three of his best customers. Watch as these spirited women are transformed into perfect sex slaves suiting each collector’s specific diabolical desires, then packaged for transport and shipped to their new owners. Starring Jewell Marceau, Adrianna Nichole (as Seven) and Claire Adams. Keywords: cages, corsets, electrical, exercise, kidnapping, gags, handcuffs, high heels, latex, leather, orgasm, public BDSM, rope bondage, spanking, spreader bars, stockings, stocks, suspension, slave training, extreme hogties.

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House Of Gord – Pony Treadmill Trainer Upgrade

Quinn arrives at Naked Gord and becomes the test pilot for this new diabolical training device. Clamped, Bound, gagged, oiled, electrified and vibrated, Quinn struggles to comply with the demands of the system. Featuring: Kay Serah, Quinn. Keywords: electrical, exercise, gags, high heels, metal bondage, NakedGord archives, pony training.

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Calstar – The Happy Woodcutter

Calstar - The Happy Woodcutter

Of course, the young camper was frightened at the sight of the burly woodsman. Therefore, he had to tie her up. It wouldn’t do for such a tender young thing to get lost in the woods. She jumped and yelped the moment his rough hands touched her skin. This girl was ticklish! Paul’s big hands had a great time poking and squeezing her flesh. He decided to strip her and retie her in several different positions. He tickled her some more as he thought to himself, “Things don’t get much better than this. Her girlfriend should be back before nightfall. I’ll bet she is ticklish too!”

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Calstar – Border Patrol

Calstar - Border Patrol

Tina, the border patrol have seen us. You take the stuff and I’ll decoy for you.” The two girls had done a deal with a man in Mexico to bring stuff over the border. But they hadn’t really thought about the consequences. The decoy girl got caught, handcuffed and taken to the guards’ headquarters where she was stripped naked and bound. Tina has yet to be found and brought back.

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Calstar – Tourist Trap 2

Calstar - Tourist Trap 2

The Tourist Trap #2 – our ladies are still in deep trouble as their captors continue to tie and torment them in order to get important information. Ball gags, bandanas, leather straps and exotic ties are used to little avail. How long will it take these women to loosen their tongues? Are they getting too much pleasure in their captor’s confinement?

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Calstar – Tourist Trap 1

Calstar - Tourist Trap 1

Two young women are part of a protest in a South American jungle paradise. When one is captured by a paramilitary group the other tries to break her out. She’s unsuccessful though and she too is bound and teased unrelentlessly. Great ties and suspension for its time! A classic oldie, this will appeal to your primal instincts!

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California Star – Lewis Experiment

The Lewis Experiment

When a local newscaster becomes curious about a maximum-security prisoner known as “Looney Lew,” he wangles a short visit with the infamous inmate. We learn that Lew was spurned by two beautiful women one afternoon. Furious, he breaks into their house and hides quietly, waiting for his time to act. When Amber Michaels leaves, the remaining Cleo is grabbed quickly and tied to a chair, followed by a standing tie from the ceiling. Frightened and in pain, she wriggles unsuccessfully against the tight white ropes. This is, in turn, followed by a hogtie and a ball gag. Writhing upon the floor, she lays victim to his every whim.

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Calstar – The Trap

Calstar - The Trap

Tearfully, Jody struggles against the ropes that cut into her nakedness and hold her immobile. The burglar found her cache of bondage toys and is using them… on her! But Jody startles herself when, in the midst of her terror, the masked, nubile beauty turns on a red hot heat in her loins! Later, Jody and her girlfriend, Dianah, set a trap to catch the thief, punish her… and torment her… Jody does it for revenge, but Dianah does it because she thinks the thief is from high places… and even poor little rich girls must be punished when they are very bad!

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Calstar – Punished 6

Calstar - Punished 6

The Heritage Collection – Punished No. 6 features five women, all beautiful slaves of their secret pleasures, as they writhe and squirm within the confines of the ropes that bind their tender flesh. Their ropes take each damsel to the limits of their endurance and passion, and all are bound to please. Their bodies are taut as they strain against their ropes and chains, desperately trying to get loose and away from their tormentors.

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Calstar – Punished 4

Calstar - Punished 4

Bondage Master Matthew Cole specializes in unfaithful wives but it will take on the frigid, the unruly and the haughty. When his ropes bind a girl she cannot escape, nor avoid the sting of his punishing whip. Five exciting films devoted to Cole’s brand of bondage and punishment, set to mucic and transferred to video for your enjoyment, “Mitzi’s Mistake”, Suspended Punishment”, Hot and Hanging”, “Karen’s Sweet Revenge”, and “Punished Tease”.

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Calstar – Punished 3

Calstar - Punished 3

Matthew Cole, bondage master, specializes in unfaithful wives, but will take on the frigid, the unruly and the Haughty. When his ropes bind a woman, she cannot escape. Nor can she escape the sting of his punishment whip. Watch how our vintage beauties wriggle and squirm for your pleasure This punishment Series is set to music and transferred from film to digital media for your enjoyment.

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Calstar – Punished 2

Calstar - Punished 2

Even though Uncle Albert gives his niece a daily spanking she thinks she is much too old for such behavior. Today Albert has invited a friend to witness his spanking session where he uses both a tawse and a cane to humiliate Annabelle. Her tears in no way dissuade a no holds barred punishment session endured by our wayward niece! Once again, California Star brings you a classic bondage film that is a must see. Packed full of tit tease, humiliation and bondage, this 70s footage is amazing.

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Calstar – Punished 1

Calstar - Punished 1

Classic Fetish fans have a great option in this movie. “One of our best Bondage Oldies” Excitement and danger are mixed with erotic B&D and run rampant in “Punished No.1” Starring: Georgia Van Helsing, Sharon Montgomery, Terri Reynolds and Brandy Martin. They are bound and umercifully Punished! Mathew Cole, “The Mondage Master”, doesn’t advertise. He doesn’t have to. He specializes in unfaithful wives but will take on the frigid, the unruly and the haughty. When his ropes bind a girl she cannot escape, not avoid the string of his punishing whip. Five exciting films devoted to Cole’s brand of bondage and punishment.

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