The Position II – Absolute Hogties

The return of everyone’s favorite position, The Hogtie, wall-to-wall and nothing but! The beauties severely hogtied and strictly gagged in these all brand new scenes include: AMBER MICHAELS twice-tied – attached to a beam and in a leopard bikini; SADIE BELLE doing a difficult “hopping hogtie”; AUTUMN WOODS hogtied by a masked intruder onscreen; KARINA SANTOS in two ties – one in white lingerie and stocking feet, the other in black lingerie and heels; KELLY MOON bikini’s and barefoot; JULIE SIMONE in slip and heels; MOLLY MATTHEWS in heels; COURTNEY CHAMBERS in boots; ANGELIQUE LEI in stocking feet and SASS LYN in a bonus “kneeling” hogtie.

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Harmony Concepts – The Position

Harmony Concepts - The Position DVD

The ultimate hogtie tape! Oak presents his and according to our surveys, most Harmonizer’s favorite position, featuring nine of your favorite Harmony models. They find themselves in hogtie after hogtie (and gag after gag). EVE ELLIS and SADIE BELLE are hogtied with their elbows together. TANYA DANIELLE escapes a hogtie and hops to a phone to get help. ANGELIQUE LEI is hogtied in her lingerie on a bed and MISTY GRAYSON is tightly elbow-hogtied. HOLLYWOOD is hogtied on the floor in stockings and heels; SADIE BELLE is also hogtied in high heels. AMBER MICHAELS is tightly hogtied on floor and makes every conceivable effort to escape. Starring: Jeanne Basone, Sadie Belle, Tanya Danielle, Eve Ellis, Misty Grayson, Cassandra Knight, Alicia Silver, Amber Michaels and Angelique Lei.

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Harmony Concepts – Spellbinder Vs. Terrible Trixie Larue

Allison Brach returns as Spellbinder to take on wicked Darla Crane; Buxom brunette Eve Davis is also on-hand to endure inventive and rigorous bondages as “Terrible Trixie” attempts to ensnare Harmony’s favorite heroine! Darla wears a variety of entrancing fetish outfits, and spends the bulk of the hour tormenting Prof. Stanton, played by busty brunette Eve Davis who is a delight in bondage mode. The anonymous director of this fetish movie frequently inserts a closeup of Eve’s extreme fetish high heels, as the fans demand kink and plenty of it.

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Harmony Concepts – Gangbound 4

Caution! This video contains dramatic scenes of beautiful women that are captured and tightly bound and gagged. Casts: Mary Jane, Amber Michaels, Cory Lane, Hollywood, Tanya Danielle, Sadie Belle, Julie Simone, Darby Daniels, Jack Banner, Jon Woods, Loren Chance, Jenni Lee and Chanta Rose.

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Harmony Concepts – Gangbound 2

Four buxom ladies were challenged to fight, kick, scream and do whatever it took to escape, but the litle ladies were no match for the two burly henchmen who tightly roped and gagged them. Casts: Amber Michaels, Chanta Rose, Sadie Belle, Autumn Woods and Jewell Marceau.

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Harmony Concepts – The Misadventures Of Holly Harmony

Harmony Concepts’ mascot, Holly Harmony, comes to life in the person of blonde bombshell Stacy Burke. And like the Harmony cartoon character, the buxom beauty is soon placed in tight bondage peril by a burglar Kristine Imboch who will stop at nothing to steal a project in the possession of Holly’s boss.

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Harmony Concepts – Tight Club

This outstanding offering from tight bondager Jack Banner may just blow your socks off! There are 26 different scenes, with 8 different bondagettes in a 2 hour program. Even though he features professional models, this video looks like Jack is doing it for the fun of it, which makes it all the better. Each and every one of these lovely and tight-tie-talented bondagettes looks absolutely irresistible! Gags are great – there are big ballgags, bit gags, tape gags with lots of packing (panties used), cleave gags… even some gags that become part of the immobilizing bondages. Starring: Jeanne Basone (as Hollywood), Stacy Burke, Darby Daniels, Eve Ellis, Tasha Welch, Jewell Marceau, Kendra Summers, Brittany Andrews.

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Harmony Concepts – Lashed In Latex 2

Here is Greta Von Scorn’s smashing follow-up to her hugely popular first latex video lingering, loving looks at latexed beauties bound and gagged and twisting and turning in latex bonds and gags. (A couple of bathing-capped beauties also appear.) We counted 8 separate scenes, beautifully rendered by the brilliant director Greta Von Scorn. Starring: Cleo Nichole, Lena Ramon, Darling, Anastasia Pierce.

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Harmony Concepts – Lashed In Latex

Few things sculpt and accentuate the sensuous contours of the female body like tight, restrictive latex. Shiny, taut rubber binds the flesh of the bondagettes brave enough to submit to the cruel will of the director Greta von Scorn. Starring: Amber Michaels, Artemis Antone, Julie Simone and Darby Daniels.

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Harmony Concepts – Banners Angels

Harmony Concepts - Banners Angels DVD

Bondage vignettes of beautiful women relieved of their blouses and skirts. Stacy Burke is a naive applicant for a job opening at Jack Banner, Inc. The application test involves lots of intense ropework, mouth-filling gags, and a Drooling Test. In a second story line, Andrea Neal is a work-at-home executive. She and her best friend Jewell Marceau are roughly bound, until Andrea spills her computer pass code worth millions. Girl-next-door Hollywood stars in story three. She has just moved next door to Jack Banner and is already a big fan of his, owning all his Harmony videos. She begs him to tie her up, fulfilling her secret fantasies. Starring: Stacy Burke, Andrea Neal, Jewell Marceau, Jeanne Basone, Sabrina Stone.

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Harmony Concepts – Visual Bondage

“Tight and pretty” is the phrase that best describes the women and the bondage in Phil Carson’s fourth video effort for Harmony. Pc video regulars Andrea Neal and Talia Monet are back again, with Andrea showing off a couple of eyepopping, mouthwatering costume bondages and Talia Monet in a comfortable, yet stunning casual tie. They are joined by Harmony star Randi Storm, who admires her bound reflection in a mirror and then shows her amazing flexibility and incredible talents as she pursues her quest of a bigger, more powerful vibrator. Starring: Andrea Neal, Talia Monet, Randi Storm.

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Harmony Concepts – Spandex & Bondage

Phil Carson makes his directorial debut for Harmony with an outstanding presentation in the tradition of Sean Harper. Mr. Carson comes out of the gate strong with five scenes starring busty Andrea Neal and enthusiastic newcomer Claudette Linden. Phil honors the bondagemaster with the accent on spandex and lingerie, stringent ropework and tight, sexy gags. Lovely latina Michelle Gonzales rounds out the hour with a sensuous vignette. She’s tape-gagged and mummy-wrapped with clear plastic and red Pvc tape by Jon Woods. Starring: Andrea Neal, Claudette Linden, Michelle Gonzales.

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Harmony Concepts – Spandex Disco Queens In Bondage

Carson regular Andrea Neal is haltered, leggingd, roped, taped and ballgagged, in addition to that lycra armbinder shes laced into. Stacy Burke makes an absolutely stunning package in a sleek black ensemble, which contrasts nicely with the tight pink cord rendering her totally helpless; her ballgag is replaced on-camera with packing, a spandex hood, and a snug cleave-gag tied over the hood! In a storyline vignette, hot-bodied Stacy Burke decides equally hot-bodied roommate Eves unhealthy fascination with a certain daytime talk-show host can only be cured with bondage therapy, but Stacy overlooks one significant detail that leads to her downfall. Starring: Andrea Neal, Stacy Burke, Eve Ellis, Darby Daniels, Shayna Clark.

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Harmony Concepts – Hog Tie Hell

Harmony Concepts - Hog Tie Hell DVD

Hog Tie Hell! Our models finished these shoots very shaken up. “Some of the toughest ties I’ve ever been in”, many of them said. Duets, toe-ties, vertical ht’s and chain hoists. Sensual women trapped in amazing peril! Extreme hogties, by the ruthless “Gangbound” team. Like’em stripped, forcefully gagged and roughly bound… This is the video you’ve got to get. Starring: Summer Cummings, Hollywood, Jenni Lee, Julie Simone, Loren Chance, Shannon Kelly, Karina Santos, Darby Daniels, Abby Cameron, Kat Le, Francesca Lee.

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Harmony Concepts – Fantasy And Reality

If Harmony gave out Mvp awards, Kelly Ashton would be the hands (tied) down winner of this year! This statuesque beauty burst onto the scene as Maiden America, a blockbuster role which put her on the cover. Now this Amazonian Goddess is making her debut as an independent producer in this “can’t miss” video! On the reality side, Kelly tells you about herself, talks about her feelings regarding fetish work, her love of role-playing games, high-fetish clothes, and tight, restrictive bondage and gags. On the fantasy end, Kelly Ashton performs in five exciting roles. Ms. Ashton plays a security guard in seamed stockings bound by burglars, portrays a tightly-tied rubber-maid, and she’s med-wrap-gagged and strictly secured with black PVC tape. Zipped into a sexy rubber dress, Kelly stuffs a large rubber apple in her mouth and ties it in with a red rubber strip before being tied with more squeaky rubber strips and tubing. And Kelly even tries her hand at being Spellbinder, tying on a crotchrope and locking herself with handcuffs and legirons!

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Harmony Concepts – Kelly’s Wedding Day

Kelly Ashton is preparing for her wedding, and her gorgeous bridesmaids (Cleo Nichole, Alexis Taylor and Tyler) are helping her get ready. But hired thugs invade her home, determined to insure Kelly’s nuptials do not come off as planned. The villains grab the bridesmaids one by one, and then overpower Kelly (lots of on-screen tying). They spirit the bridal party away and reveal their sinister intentions for the hapless beauties. The story is followed by three sensational vignettes of Kelly Ashton, first leather-bound, then tied in a strappado position, and encased in plastic.

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Harmony Concepts – Juliet’s Gags

Juliet Romano decided to take matters into her own hands after having received so many letters following her most recent videos. She asked Victor Ballen to allow her to do this video as a special present for her fans. A video showing off her most favorite gags! Through a series of short introductions, Juliet tells us what she like in bondage and in gags. “I like it tight”, she says at one point, smiling in her sweetly innocent manner.

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ShadowPlayers – Real College Girls In Bondage

Real College Girls In Bondage DVD

Two real college girls display their love of bondage, punishment, and pain. Genesis, a sultry beauty with short red hair is introduced to shackles and then stripped of her clothes. A ball gag, clamps on her nipples and pussy lips torment her while she is spread wide for inspection. Kelly, a pierced and tattooed stunner with short dark hair, loves rubber and is introduced to bondage while wearing a gas mask. Still in the mask, she is spread eagle and whipped and caned. In other scenes, she is hung naked by her ankles and whipped and caned while cold water pours over her. She suffers on several different bondage devices that keep her in pain and discomfort.

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ShadowPlayers – Naked Petgirls & Slavegirls

ShadowPlayers - Naked Petgirls And Slavegirls DVD

Adorable Sybil Hawthorne and sexy Calypso are both trained as naked petgirls kept in cages. They learn to act like puppies, eat and drink from bowls on the floor, and play with toys for rewards. Calypso is taught to herself outdoors. In another scenario, Sybil acts as a captured stewardess. Stripped, gagged and punished, she is must put on a show and bring herself to orgasm with dildos and a vibrator while putting clothespins on her own nipples and pussy lips.

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ShadowPlayers – Jena Kitten

ShadowPlayers - Jena Kitten DVD

Busty sub Jena Kitten has no idea the trials and tribulations this kinky master is going to make her undertake to prove her worth! He lays down the rules with the help of spankings, whippings, electro stimulation, anal play, bondage and more to put this new toy in her place! After a brief, but good old-fashioned over-the-knees spanking, she is placed naked in a cage with a built in locking collar to hold her head outside the cage. A leather hood encases her head as the cage is wrapped in plastic to further isolate her. Torment with nipple and pussy weights and electric toys follow. Bound standing in stocks, Jena has to again endure the nipple and labia clamps with weights while being flogged and whipped at the same time.

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Shadowplayers Slavegirls

Shadowplayers Slavegirls DVD

Ariel endures a hogtie while her clothes are cut off, orgasm, whipping, caning and being bound. Melissa is stripped while her nipples are clamped and pulled, then spanked and whipped to an orgasm. She then plays with a collection of dildos and butt plugs, each one larger than the last! Claire Adams is tormented with strong clamps on her tits and very heavy weights on her pierced labia. Kitty is caned in two different sessions…

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ShadowPlayers – Young Masochist Sadie Simone

ShadowPlayers - Young Masochist Sadie Simone DVD

Just legal 18 year old Sadie Simone knows exactly what she wants. She wants her Master to bring on the sting. She enjoyed showing off her kinky side by dressing up as a religious figure and then getting put in the stockade for it. Next, she models a school girl uniform and bends over for a spanking. Then, Sadie has her nipples pinched by sharp-toothed metal clamps that are also connected to her toes, a steel butt plug, and a strong vicious clamps all over her tingling pussy. A big ball gag keeps her from making any sounds as her master further teases her with leather slappers and bamboo skewers used like mini-canes. After a brief oral triaging, she is moved to a stappado position and wearing a ring gag, gets flogged, caned and paddled like a naughty girl should.

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ShadowPlayers – Naked Slavegirls Punished

ShadowPlayers - Naked Slavegirls Punished DVD

Sybil, Dawn and Lillith are naughty slavegirls who must be made to endure every whim that their demanding master has! Of course, the only proper way for his point to be made is if the girls are as naked as the day they were born. Sybil’s endurance is stretched to the limit in three ways. First, she must choose between standing on her toes for an agonizing time or get relief only to have her nipples clamped while her bottom is paddled. Next, she must crawl on the floor to move padlocks from place to place using only a hook through the ring of her nose. Failure to finish on time results in more paddling. Finally, she is bound to a cross and given a strong lashing on her lush breasts and smooth shaven pussy.

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ShadowPlayers – Two Girls Tormented Together

ShadowPlayers - Two Girls Tormented Together DVD

Sybil Hawthorne and Livvy Rose share a bed in sexy retro lingerie. After undressing and a little making out, Livvy surprises Sybil with handcuffs, legcuffs, and toe and thumb cuffs. After an extended foot tickling, spanking, and paddling, Sybil is both laughing hysterically and shedding tears. When their Master enter the scene, both girls are bound to crosses and ball-gagged. Their fronts are whipped, leaving lash marks on their tender tits, bellies, and pussies. Finally, their endurance is tested with multiple clothespins on the most tender spots. Bonus features include over 120 photos of Sybil and Livvy in a slide show and scenes from other Shadowplayers DVDs.

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