Batgirl Chrissy And Detective Khristall Captured

Now Chrissy Marie and Khristall are both naked and tightly hogtied on the kitchen table. Both of them have apples shoved in their mouths and Chrissy now also has “For” written on one foot and “Sale” written on the other foot just like Khristall. There is still another camera in front of them filming them for the bidders. For the rest of the video they desperately struggle to escape before it’s too late! Plenty of close ups of Chrissy and Khristall’s feet as well as close ups of their faces mixed in as they both drool heavily from their apple gagged mouths! It doesn’t look good for these two bound barefoot beauties! Keywords: batgirl, chrissy marie, khristall, bound, cleave gag, barefoot bondage, struggling, handcuffed, hogtied barefoot, apple gagged, drooling, off screen tying, rope bondage, foot fetish.

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