Bella Ink – Bella Captured And Hogtied Full Version

Sexy Bella Ink finds herself in quite a bind after she’s captured in her hotel room by a masked intruder. Wearing sexy skin tight shorts, a crop top, pantyhose and high heels, sexy Bella struggles againts the intruder to no avail. Soon the sexy MILF finds herself with her hands tied behind her back. The masked intruder takes advantage, fondling and groping the damsels large tits through her top. The masked man ties a chest harness that secures the sexy damsel’s arms to her side and helps to accentuate her large tits through her top. With the chest harness in place, Bella is into the floor and her ankles are tied tightly together. A ballgag that was securely placed in her mouth helples to keep her protests to a minimum. The masked intruder then takes more rope out of his bag and ties his sexy captive in a very tight and restrictive hogtie. He gropes her a little more before leaving her to struggle in her peril while he goes to look for all of her valuables.

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