Body Builder Bound For Tickle Torment

Body builder Alexis hires me for photos in order to make the cover of the Woman’s Healthy magazine. Alexis is such a bitch – she’s complaining the entire time and insulting my ability to get a good shot of her. After a run of insults, I finally snap and press a chloroform rag over her pretty face. Down she goes out cold. Well babydoll, sex sells I tell the limp girl as I strip off her skimpy short shorts and crop top. I tie her wrists off to the heavy dumbbells so that she’s not able to struggle too much. I straddle the uppity body builder and begin tickling her armpits. Alexis shrieks is agony as her muscular body flexes and spasms. I remove my blouse and straddle her again getting off on her gorgeous body bucking and struggling to avoid my fingers. She bucks so hard she nearly throws my body off – I feel like I’m riding the bronco at the bar! I tickle torture the strong woman until she nearly passes out.

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