Captive Chrissy – Chrissy The Burglar Vs Detective Star

This is a story about a famous burglar (Chrissy Marie) and a private detective Star Nine. Our detective is on a mission to capture the famous burglar in return for a large cash reward. The scene starts with Chrissy the burglar searching the house for valuables when suddenly Star sneaks in and confronts her. A short catfight ensues between two girls and Chrissy manages to overpower Star and tapes her hands crossed behind her back with duct tape. She also tapes up her ankles, thighs. Star is loudly protesting so Chrissy decides to tape gag her around her head to shut her up! Keywords: chrissy marie, star nine, leather skirt, pantyhose, high heels, shiny leggings, barefoot bound, duct tape bondage, on screen gagging, escaping, cat fight, struggling.

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