Captive Chrissy – Left Hogtied In Her Hotel Room

I’m fast asleep in bed when all of a sudden I am startled awake by a man pinning me down with a hand over my mouth so I can’t scream! He grabs a pair of my dirty panties lying on the chair nearby and starts stuffing them into my mouth! I struggle so hard that my robe falls open revealing my tits and naked body. He grabs a bandana and tightly cleave gags me to hold it all in. Next he tightly binds my wrists and ankles with string as I try to kick him off of me with my bare feet. I really start to panic when he f my elbows together and connect my wrists to my ankles in a strict hogtie! He tells me I will be sure to never treat a bartender like that again and I nod in agreement, begging to be let go!

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