Captive Chrissy – Tightly Taped & Zip Tied In Her Pantyhose

Chrissy Marie was running late getting ready for work when a masked man broke in surprised to see that she was still home. In nothing but her pantyhose and high heels he tapegagged her and wrapped her up with lots of tight sticky duct tape! He throws her on her bed and tells her to stay put while he goes to get what he came for. She finds her way to her feet and precariously hops towards the door, but unfortunately for Chrissy she gets caught! He tells her he knew she was going to be trouble and he came prepared! He pulls out a zip tie and binds her taped wrists to her ankles into an extremely secure taped and zip-tied hogtie! Chrissy is really panicking now as he leaves her helplessly bound and gagged on the bed in her inescapable predicament!

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