Carissa Montgomery And Serene Isley – Cruelly Ziptied And Ballet Shod

Carissa Montgomery and Serene Isley are bound in skimpy nightgowns and zip tied while wearing ballet shoes in this clip. Carissa is ballgagged with a black ballgag and Serene is wearing a clear panel ballgag. Both women struggle and moan against the cruel zipties as they cut into each woman’s skin with each struggling motion. Moving against their tight bonds they try to console each other by doing some bound snuggling but that only seems to highlight their helpless nature. Eventually they try to stand and vacate the room that they are bound in but they can’t manage to gain balance. Finally they settle for going down to the floor and struggling around there instead, but no advantage is gained from the maneuver. Struggling becomes more and more difficult and they eventually rotate around moaning into their gags with the despair and growing discomfort the zip ties create.

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