Carissa Montgomery – Gold Bikini Hogtie

Carissa Montgomery is dressed in a shiny gold bikini and not much else. She’s roughly led into a room where there’s just a mattress down and tossed down on it. The man grabs her by the legs and rotates her over onto her stomach where he grabs her arms and pulls them behind her back. Holding her tightly at the wrists he rolls out a rope and loops it around her arms binding them tightly behind her back. With her wrists bound the man takes another rope and binds her bare footed ankles together. Finally with her arms and ankles bound the man takes the opportunity to get some nice gropes in on her boobs. Finishing with that he grabs her elbows and pulls them tightly together behind her back looping them off and binding her elbows tightly. Finishing off her arm and leg bondage the man then takes a white cloth and stuffs her mouth with it taking silver tape and finishing off the gag by wrapping it around her head a few turns.

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