The BEST in BDSM movies come to you from Bon-Vue! With over 30 years in the business, their bondage movies will please you. B&D Pleasures, winner of FOUR Adult Video News awards in the last ten years produced some of the best professional and amateur BDSM scenes for you to watch. B&D Pleasures is the right choice if you like damsels in distress, gagged women, pony girls, corporal punishment of women, hard bondage and torture.

B&D Pleasures – Suspended In Time

Suspended In Time: A breathtaking collection of the most beautiful bondage models in the most compromising bondage positions. Starring: Jill Kelly, Roxanne Hall, Sharon Kane, Brooke Waters, Kym Wilde, Sunny, Ernest Greene, Alex Jordan, Mistress Midori, Tasha Welch, Artemis Antone, Anais, Eve Ellis, Talia Monet, Darby Daniels, Mistress Shaydee.

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Piercing – Hard Pain Or Pleasure

Tender, innocent flesh feeling the sharp kiss of cold steel! This is the compilation you’ve demanded. The most extreme S&M piercing scenes ever captured all in one amazing video! It is a feast for the senses as some of the sexiest women in bondage entertainment are poked, pierced and perforated with various sharp objects for the delight of their cruel masters and for their own perverse passions of pain.

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B&D Pleasures – Francesca Le Bondage Legend

B&D Pleasures - Francesca Le Bondage Legend DVD

When looking for a woman that loves bondage and is an experienced bondage pro, look no further then Francesca Le. With a wide eyedsultry innocence that has melted hearts and a deliciously sculptured body, Francesca Le is a fun favorite who delivers on the action! In this landmark video, it is revealed that she is truly a bondage legend! With rare scenes from her first ever video and a compellation of some of the sexiest scenes she has done through the years, this is a hardcore delight for all bondage enthusiast! Starring: Amanda Morrison, Channel Preston, Greta Carlson, Jewell Marceau, Kelly Thomas, Madeline Macabre, Melanie Moore, Mika Tan, Sharon Kane.

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B&D Pleasures – Eve Ellis Bondage Legend

Eve Ellis Bondage Legend DVD

The first time most men lay eyes on Eve Ellis, their hearts melt and they are forever entranced. Like all Legends, Eve had to start somewhere. Welcome to Eve Ellis Bondage Legend where you will witness this superstar in a variety of bondage perils unlike you’ve ever seen before! You’ll get a chance to see Eve when she was a ripe and new rising star working under the name Vivian. From there you will witness her transformation into the breathtaking diva she is today. Hot, sexy, curvaceous and playful, Eve Ellis is a soaring star who loves to be bound for your pleasure. Starring: Darby Daniels, Greta Carlson, Jacklyn Lick, Persephone, Sharon Kane, Summer Knight, Tasha Welch, Tori St Claire.

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B&D Pleasures – Mystery Man’s Women Of Bondage

This action-packed bondage extravaganza celebrates some of the sexiest women of bondage all in one video! From sexy women like Devin DeMoore and Spooky Nottingham, to the cute little Asians Philly and Krissy, this video has it all. Watch as Countess Charlotte Webb lashes out delicious spankings and as the Mystery Man delivers the stinging of his cane to a mummified Haley Storm. Tight bondage, perilous scenarios and a barrage of extremely sexy women make this one of the hottest videos you will ever see!

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B&D Pleasures – Captured Cop Trilogy

Captured Cop Trilogy - Explosion

Three classic videos now available on the web completely uncut and digitally re-mastered! That’s right, you have within your view the entire Captured Cop Trilogy, the twisted tail of two crooks named Boris and Natasha who will stop at nothing to get their hands on a large sum of cash. A bounty of beautiful women get bound, gagged, suspended, kidnapped, ransomed and humiliated!

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B&D Pleasures – Jewell Marceau Bondage Legend

Jewell Marceau Bondage Legend DVD

Confined within this collection are Jewell Marceau’s favorite fetish scenes ever lensed for B and D Pleasures! They include: her first turns as a dom; Self-bondage scenes; and many scenes with other industry hotties such as Mika Tan, Persephone, Talia Monet, Ashley Renee and many more! Combine all this with her extensive commentary detailing what she was thinking and feeling at the moment of contact, and you have unparalleled insight into the woman. Jewel Marceau choose the scenes herself! They totally demonstrate her Bondage Legend Status! Starring: Jewel Marceau, Ashley Renee, Devin DeMoore, Francesca Lee, Krissy, Kumi, Mistress Persephone, Shannen Kelly, Talia Monet.

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B&D Pleasures – Desert Interrogation

B&D Pleasures - Desert Interrogation DVD

One lone commando hell bent on finding the enemy captures 2 desert beauties and puts them through a nightmare on the sandy plains. This unhinged man beats his prisoners thinking they have vital information that he needs for his one man war. The girls’ teases continue through the day as the hot sun also beats on them until the climactic ending. Ronnie Rock is vicious in this classic film set in a desolate desert. He binds Nikki and Giggles before working them over with a switch and other spanking implements in this dark story.

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B&D Pleasures – Abduction On Devil’s Peak

B&D Pleasures - Abduction On Devil's Peak DVD

Bondage and terror await Lena Ramon when she and her boyfriend get split up while hiking in the mountains. The wild man who finds this poor lost damsel is determined to train her to be his faithful sex slave! Beautiful location scenery makes this video and instant bondage classic, not to mention some of the hardest, roughest SM play to ever be captured on video!

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B&D Pleasures – Deep In The Woods

B&D Pleasures - Deep In The Woods DVD

Featuring the talents of Francesca Le and Lola as hunted, captured and tormented babes who scream and plead through tear-streaked eyes and smeared make up. The girls are bound in the uncompromisingly sadistic shibari-style. Shot entirely outdoors from the voyeur’s point of view. This production marks the directorial debut of Fetish Legend Talia Monet. Deep in the Woods is Hot and Unique.

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Pony Girls – Tamed Trained & Tortured

In this correctional facility the prisoners only have one chance for release. They need to fully understand the discipline and control of being a pony girl. Mistress Erzsebet and Sir Nic implement this painful way of preparing these girls for society. Their choices of tools are bit gags, heard harnesses, whips, floggers, bondage & sulky training. This movie is everything you want in a pony girl movie.

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B&D Pleasures – British Ponygirls

Somewhere in the English countryside, far from prying eyes, two helpless British lasses endure tormenting trials as human ponies. Naked and bound in leather single gloves, their mouths restrained with bitted head harnesses, these submissives obey the inimitable Master Keith’s every command. Scene after scene of heavy submission in the great outdoors!

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Tales From The Black And Blue – The Pool

In tonight’s tale from the Black and Blue we encounter two young, hot housewives fed up with their juice football watching, lazy husbands. They find themselves in a very scary place where a creepy man enslaves these fed up housewives. Strict bondage, spanking, face slapping, hair pulling, verbal and physical humiliation and plenty of hot naked helpless slaves!!!

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B&D Pleasures – The Missing Drugs

Cindy Prince plays the lover of a conniving drug dealler in Missing Drugs. The drug Kingpin has her kidnapped to get the location of the missing heroin. After trying to reason with her, he brings in Chang: a thug with muscles for brains but plenty of S/M talent. Chang ties her to a basket chair and torments the tender skin under her finger and toe nails. He beats her with a dildo dtuffed into foam insulation and applies various nipple clamping devices. She still doesn`t talk, so more drastic measures are necessary in The Barn. Another wild program for fans of fantasy S/M. This is the only Cindy Prince video.

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Rope Of The Rising Sun

Rope of every color and texture on soft, lucious feminine flesh. Also see and hear the sizzle of hot wax on bare skin, the hiss of the whip as it slices through the air. From these elements, Japan’s incomparable master of rope bondage creates his unforgettable masterpieces of living sculpture.

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