Close-Up Concepts – Hotel Bondage Blondes

13 Mar

What would YOU do if you suddenly had two hotel rooms and two incredibly hot blondes at your complete disposal? And what if both of these tanned, taut, and busty blondes were also totally into being tightly tied and securely gagged? Well, we certainly know what Darla would do because she shows us in this tasty new video!

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Close-Up Concepts – Bound By The Card

13 Mar

Luscious fetish superstar Tory Sinclair plays Bryan’s girlfriend and she simply can’t control her credit card spending. Naughty, naughty girl! To teach her a lesson, he ties her up and breaks her down! And as if that weren’t enough punishment for her overspending, he also allows his friend Angella Faith to come over and bind and torment Tory as well!

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Close-Up Concepts – More And More Helpless

26 Dec

Lively redhead Darby is alone in the dungeon, her slender throat leashed to the ceiling. She wears a black top, black stockings, high-heeled patent pumps and the tiniest denim miniskirt you’ll ever see. When Bryan enters he immediately takes advantage of her defenselessness and ties a crotchrope on her that he then hoists upward.

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Close-Up Concepts – Captured Beauty

18 Dec

From the moment Bryan drags Jewell Marceau into his dungeon we know things are going to be rough for her! She’s rope-leashed, her wrists are bound, and she is NOT happy. Bryan lets us know right away that he has captured this beauty for his own pleasure!

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Close-Up Concepts – Corset Care Captivity

14 Nov

We open on that dungeon we know so well as tiny-yet-curvy Brandy struggles valiently against Bryan’s tying. She wears a tigh black waist cincher and not much else! Soon her arms are tied and she is completely helpless to face the rest of her day.

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Close-Up Concepts – Classic Lingerie Bondage

12 Nov

Fans of classic lingerie, this is the tape for you. Jewell Marceau and Bridgett are two of our curviest, tastiest models and here they wear nothing but high-waist panties, full-cup bras, cinchers, girdles, stockings, gloves and non-platform high heels!

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Hogtie Honeys Part 1

8 Jul

Autumn starts us out, dressed in a silver minidress and high heels. She’s in a tough, elbows-together hogtie, ballgagged, and balanced atop two tall stools. Next Sabrina struggles sexily in a leather strap, hog-frog variation that shows off her pretty green lingerie.

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Compromising Positions

6 May

Dorothy the Housemaid returns in this sequel to “Sinister Servants”. She hires an attorney in an attempt to inherit Old Man Roy’s estate. Another will is discovered, which names Dorothy and Kristine as co-inheritors, but Dorothy has no intention of sharing so she leaves Kristine bound and gagged in a hotel room.

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Sweet Slave Summer – Close-Up Concepts

12 Mar

For his first outing in this new line Bryan works his magic on sweet, busty Summer Cummings. Summer may mew like a kitten through her gag but underneath it all, she’s a bondage wildcat! Starting his nude, barefoot slave out tied spreadeagle to a cot, Bryan soon enters and changes her position to a balltie, right before your eyes!

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Close-Up Concepts – Darla’s Darlings

16 Oct

Moving outdoors, Tanya is bound first in a spreader-bar Eiffel Tower tie that shows off her amazing legs, then she’s leather strapped into a strict lotus. She really does enjoy bondage and this is evident as Darla applies her gag on camera.

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