Crux Dreams will satisfy your crucifixion fetish, you’ll see hot babes tied to crosses with their arms spread wide and their legs roped to the pole. They suffer from pain while being tightly tied to the cross, they whimper and struggle and even getting whipped. Crux Dreams movies take place outdoors and indoors and some scenes also lead to hardcore sex. Although you can see crucifixion on other BDSM sites, the unique focus on the crucifixion fetish on CruxDreams makes it really unique.

CruxDreams – Master And Two Slaves

An evil potato planter Alex crucifies young slave Vika and whips her with his whip. After enjoying her young body, the tyrant Alex crucifies another young slave girl Julia. Now Vika was not bored hanging on the cross alone! Then he disappears for a long time presumably to drink beer so the girls must wait on their crosses until he returns.

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CruxDreams – Acrobatic Crucifix

Cruxdreams - Acrobatic Crucifix

Acrobatic crucifix features two young gymnasts, Nadia and Sveta who tried to improve their figures tied on the cross. CruxDreams BDSM fantasies show young sexy damsels being crucified indoor and outdoor. They suffer from pain while being tightly strapped and tied to the cross. A cross stretches their limbs and tightens their belly.

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CruxDreams – Back In The USSR

Crux Dreams – Back In The USSR. Two girls, both of which actively lit up and continue to appear on numerous pornographic sites, including FerroNetvork, decided to go into the woods and do some lesbian plays. How they came to crucifying each other is not known, probably were not enough tender during the lesbian games and it is terrible crime!

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CruxDreams – Tessa Nadia

The pain of a Roman crucifixion caused the victim to oscillate between hanging from the spikes in their arms to standing on the spike in their feet. From a short distance away, this would appear to be a little dance, up and down, without end, and infinitely dreadful. In other sense, you can say that a slave is literally being fucked by a big wooden dick for everyone to see. And worse of all, it’s their own strong leg muscles that do that fucking.

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Crux Dreams – Masha

The control effect consists not only of the period when the slave actually feels the wood, but the period afterwards when I can use the fear of going through the ritual again to change their behavior. During this phase, when the slave hangs on the cross, I love to examine all the contrasts declared by the body when set against the harshness of the cross!

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