Devonshire Productions – Simone Devon was a great BDSM video producer. Their spaciality was very tight restraints, bondage in latex, suspension in bondage, back breaking hogtie and hard restrictive positions. In their videos rope, leather, latex and steel were often used as restraints and almost all videos feature different tight ballgags.

Devonshire Productions – SDS-42

Bondage burglar – the woman in black Simone Devon sneaks into the house of a sexy blonde Star Chandler, attacks her, binds her hands and feet, puts her in a very tight hogtie and gags her. Enjoy this classic Devonshire bondage movie.

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Devonshire Productions – DV-19

You can expect a very ultimate and creative bondage movie featuring incredible tight bondage, amazing suspensions, spandex encasement, elastic bandage mummification, and a large variety of gags! For the true connoisseurs of the BDSM genre!

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Devonshire Production – DP-32

Sex slave is tied with tape on a wooden cross, then she is immobilized in various extreme positions with duct tape and leather straps. Imagine a sexy redheaded lady totally encased with a breather tube as her only connection to the outside world, as she hangs fully suspended…

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