FM Concepts – Novices In Knots

Six exciting heroines struggle bound, gagged and helpless for the first time! Curvaceous Barbie Bentley is surprised, tied and gagged by Chantel Osmond and Eliot Shear! While cute Lexi Roberts naps, Cory Lane sneaks into her bedroom and leaves her gagged and hogtied! Blonde English doll Chanta Rose is grabbed and trussed up by an intruder! Curious about bondage, Jennifer Cantrell begs to be bound and gagged as a Christmas present, then writhes pleasurably in front of the tree! Menaced by bad guys, soft little Butter Lemieux is roped and ball-gagged by room-mate Sadie Belle, who later joins her in bondage! One by one, voluptuous Mishel Harrison and Cindy Schubert are seized as they return home, tied up and silenced!

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FM Concepts – Shear Fear!

Take care, lovely bound ladies: Eliot Shear is on the prowl! Bondage-lover Shear has already made writhing captives of Gina Caruso and Whitney Prescott; Andrea Neal (one of astonishing Andrea’s most dynamic scenes ever!); Isabella Janacek & Jana Cova (enticing, naked and hogtied!); Sara Haden; Bunny & Candy Sorel; and Anneka Proval (voluptuous nude bound and gagged with belts!

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FM Concepts – Desperate Prisoners Of Chloro Bondage

Posing as a fan, larcenous lovely Indica James chloros gorgeous musician Martina Warren, binds and ball gags her, then steals her violin! Lured by the sight of bare breasted starlet Heather Harper sunbathing in her backyard, a chloro wielding intruder pounced, then trussed her into cross ankled, cleave gagged immobility! Naked, bound and cleave gagged with a bandanna, fiery Marlena Mercurio writhed in her bathtub after a shockingg encounter with a masked chloro! Sexy extortioness Erika Jordan awoke bare skinned, bound and ball gagged after her former boyfriend introduced her to a certain sleep inducing chemical! Groggily squirming in bondage and pleading through her cleave gag, sweet Lena Shelby learns that hell hath no fury like an angry wife armed with chloro!

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FM Concepts – Pin-Ups In Bondage

You’ve seen them on posters, in calendars, on television and on the pages of the best bondage magazines. Now, for the first time ever, they are here for you, bound and gagged! Featuring a sensational array of beautiful women, Pin-Ups in Bondage includes media star Julie Strain, former Playmate of the Year Devin Devasquez and international fetish superstar Dita Von Teese. Also included is a long list of pin-up girls you’re sure to recognize: Sarah Haden, Kitana Jade, Chrissy Moran, Hannah Thurman, Doria, Chantel Osmond, Cory Lane, Nikki Nova, Isabella Janacek, Shayla Stevens, Erica Campbell and Kelli Douglas.

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FM Concepts – Secretaries In Bondage

Secretaries, executives, professionals: they’re bright, pretty and sharply dressed in skirts and jackets! But they’re also vulnerable women victimized by bad people – people like Eve Adams, who convince hard-driving business women Noelle Nash and Cindy O’Hara to relax in bondage, then robs her struggling captives! Or the desperate tax cheat who ties up beautiful auditor Ginger Jolie and hides her in a dank cellar! After high-powered agent Mackenzie Montgomery warns her client against making a deal, the deal-maker uses ropes and tape to counter her influence! Petite secretary Devon Marsh never had a problem at work until a beautiful blonde burglar showed up; when she leaves with vital documents, Devon is lying helpless on the floor!

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FM Concepts – Girls Tie Girls!

Pretty girls are amazingly mean when they bind and gag other females! Like con-woman Kira Crane, who trusses up and silences poor little Spring Meadows for trying to call the cops! And devious Shay Ruskin, whose nasty scheme snares naïve Crissy Moran in a tight hogtie! But bad behavior sometimes backfires: tough chick Samantha Hollister overpowers and ropes up feisty salesgirl Ginger Williams, but later becomes Ginger’s captive! Retribution also awaits sexy Rachel Santini, who sneers at bound and gagged Sofia Samuels, oblivious to the twist of fate that will leave her struggling and helpless at Sofia’s mercy!

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FM Concepts – Hot And Helpless Bondage Heroines

Frogtied and ball gagged, enticing brunette starlet Tori Black writhes vigorously on her bed in nothing but skimpy panties! A long day gets even longer for unlucky waitress Melissa Jacobs, grabbed by escaped con Nikki Nova, who Melissa to strip, restrains her with plastic ties and gags her with a cloth and plastic cleave! Eyes flashing angrily, bound and tape gagged blonde MILF Krista Prince struggles barefoot on the floor, dressed only in a form fitting short nightgown! A yellow ball gag muffles the cries of sultry Marlena Mercurio, who lies on her bed with white rope restraining her minidressed body and stockinged feet!

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FM Concepts – I Can’t Believe They Tied Me Up!

Conservative ladies get tightly tied in the latest release – Erika Jordan was paid big money to keep Sophia Taylor bound and helpless. Novice PI Aubrey Adams completed her first sleuthing job tied and gagged in a closet. When Chloe Morgan showed up at the wrong address, she received a bondage kind of welcome. Therapist Holly Lane had worked with troubled clients before, but Noelle Nash was the first one to bind and gag her. Natalie Wade refused to submit until Jamie Ann Martin tied her up and applied ice cubes to her stockinged soles. The girl who knocked on the door seemed sweet and innocent, but after Charlie Laine slipped inside, Nikki Sweet became her helpless hostage.

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FM Concepts – Bound To Work

Hard Work Leads To Tight Bondage For Beautiful Women! Alone in her hotel room, ambitious executive Anastasia Pierce can only squirm indignantly on the bed as she’s robbed of crucial documents! When her sister Gia is grabbed, courageous Jasmine Mancini goes to her rescue, but winds up sharing her bondage! Intently eavesdropping on her crooked boss, intern Charlie Laine forgets about his ruthless assistant and pays for the mistake with her freedom! Computer whiz Jamie Ann Martin has worked on tough jobs before, but this is the first that ended with the brainy blonde tied to a chair and gagged!

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FM Concepts – Grab And Bind Of Mia Malkova – The Abduction Of Miss Apple Valley

A malevolent man drags innocent beauty queen Mia Malkova into his dark world of ruthless rope restraint! When Miss Apple Valley politely declines a producer’s request to star in one of his nudity-filled spectacles, she’s shocked by his unwillingness to take no for an answer! Instead, Mia finds herself in an uncomfortable bind with her wrists and ankles tied and ropes wound snugly around her summery minidress. Capable only of muffled protests because of the cloth tied between her lips, Mia squirms on the couch as she worries about her unscrupulous captor’s next move.

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FM Concepts – Nice Girls Are Easy To Tie And Gag!

Two nice girls (Amy Anderson and Sara Liz) are no match for one bad one (Kerri Taylor) when there’s a house-mate relationship meltdown! Kacey Jordan is such a helpful friend to hard-working Samantha Ryan – until she hogties the pretty blonde! Gutsy young businesswomen Andie Valentino and Charlie Laine defy shady competitors until they’re bound and gagged! Tough chick Georgia Jones keeps meek accountant Claire Adams quiet by forcing her into a diabolical bind! Wrapped in endless coils of rope, tiny Sandy Summers writhes pathetically while ruthless Alexis Taylor sneers!

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FM Concepts – Sports Writer In A Bind

Once I knew that friendly negotiation with Kendra wasn’t going to work, I switched to my back- up plan. “The plan was simple: intimidation and humiliation replaced sweet reason! Before Kendra knew what hit her, my very capable assistant Nikki was tying her up and gagging her. Once Kendra was helpless and squirming around on the couch, I suggested she rethink her position! She snarled through the black cloth tied between her lips and shook her head angrily, so I walked away and gave her some time to reflect on her situation; I had a feeling it was going to be a long day!

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Shadowplayers – Southwest Ponygirls

Southwest Ponygirls

Sexy lengthy haired Gracie Vega experiences her 1st pony punishment. Out in the Arizona Desert, this babe has been taken exposed to be harnessed, bitted, and equipped with a iron gazoo plug and painful teat clamps with bells. Lunge line punishment prepares her to pull a cart throughout wild western scenery. Claire Adams is harnessed in the same fashion in the wilds of Utah. After some exercise in one location, that babe is transported in natures garb, cuffed and ball-gagged in a car along public roads to proceed cart pulling in an even greater amount spectacular location. Jena Kitten does some cosplay as My Little Pony, demonstrating how to put in a ponytail booty plug and braid it. Sybil Hawthorne pulls her cart high above Glen Canyon not quite totally undressed.

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ShadowPlayers – Naked Slavegirls Punished

ShadowPlayers - Naked Slavegirls Punished DVD

Sybil, Dawn and Lillith are naughty slavegirls who must be made to endure every whim that their demanding master has! Of course, the only proper way for his point to be made is if the girls are as naked as the day they were born. Sybil’s endurance is stretched to the limit in three ways. First, she must choose between standing on her toes for an agonizing time or get relief only to have her nipples clamped while her bottom is paddled. Next, she must crawl on the floor to move padlocks from place to place using only a hook through the ring of her nose. Failure to finish on time results in more paddling. Finally, she is bound to a cross and given a strong lashing on her lush breasts and smooth shaven pussy.

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ShadowPlayers – Real College Girls In Bondage

Real College Girls In Bondage DVD

Two real college girls display their love of bondage, punishment, and pain. Genesis, a sultry beauty with short red hair is introduced to shackles and then stripped of her clothes. A ball gag, clamps on her nipples and pussy lips torment her while she is spread wide for inspection. Kelly, a pierced and tattooed stunner with short dark hair, loves rubber and is introduced to bondage while wearing a gas mask. Still in the mask, she is spread eagle and whipped and caned. In other scenes, she is hung naked by her ankles and whipped and caned while cold water pours over her. She suffers on several different bondage devices that keep her in pain and discomfort.

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Shadowplayers Slavegirls

Shadowplayers Slavegirls DVD

Ariel endures a hogtie while her clothes are cut off, orgasm, whipping, caning and being bound. Melissa is stripped while her nipples are clamped and pulled, then spanked and whipped to an orgasm. She then plays with a collection of dildos and butt plugs, each one larger than the last! Claire Adams is tormented with strong clamps on her tits and very heavy weights on her pierced labia. Kitty is caned in two different sessions…

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ShadowPlayers – Naked Petgirls & Slavegirls

ShadowPlayers - Naked Petgirls And Slavegirls DVD

Adorable Sybil Hawthorne and sexy Calypso are both trained as naked petgirls kept in cages. They learn to act like puppies, eat and drink from bowls on the floor, and play with toys for rewards. Calypso is taught to herself outdoors. In another scenario, Sybil acts as a captured stewardess. Stripped, gagged and punished, she is must put on a show and bring herself to orgasm with dildos and a vibrator while putting clothespins on her own nipples and pussy lips.

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Rick Savage’s Actual B&D Girlfriend

Over the years, we’ve probably seen well over a hundred ladies submit to Master Rick Savage in one of his bondage videos. As this movie gets under way, Rick informs us that the model is not just any ordinary model or slave. It’s his girlfriend, Camille. And as the action progresses, we realize that we’re witnessing something exceptional – the intimacy that a “real life” couple brings to the screen. The chemistry between Master Rick and his Camille is obvious. Yes, there’s bondage, dominance and submission, and amazing S&M.

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Arrow Films – Trouble With Tikis & Tied In Time

Arrow Films - Trouble With Tikis & Tied In Time

It’s an amazing Arrow double-feature! In THE TROUBLE WITH TIKIS, Sally Roberts and Judith Wilson wind up bound and gagged repeatedly because of a magical, wish-granting tiki idol that Judith has just bought. Story Two, TIED IN TIME, is a bit of a psychological thriller in which Sally, Judith and Teri Martine are all involved. This story is a bit tougher than Arrow’s previous works but all the ladies come through like champs!

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Arrow Films – Bondage Please & Pleasure Knots

Arrow Films - Bondage Please & Pleasure Knots

It’s another eye-popping double feature from Arrow producer Mark Mar! This time, Sally Roberts and Susan Blair are joined by their exotic babe girlfriend Judith Wilson for an all-brunette pleasure bonanza! Ultra-tight ropes and gags make for a sexy good time for everyone!

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Arrow Films – Seems Like Old Ties

Arrow Films - Seems Like Old Ties

Starring perennial Arrow favorites Sally Roberts and Susan Blair, this visual quality of this early-80’s tape falls a bit below modern standards, but the energetic enthusiasm these stars have for bondage really makes up for it. As you’d expect from an Arrow video, the bondage is potent and secure, and many of the gags are multi-layered with astounding amounts of mouth-packing! Directed by Jason Cord.

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Arrow Films – An Arresting Situation 2

Arrow Films - An Arresting Situation 2

Arrow great Abby Nash picked up the struggle where Sally Roberts left off! After America’s Bondage Sweetheart retired, it was left to Abby to fill the demand for another superstar – and that she did. Susan Blair reprises the role she played in part one of this series, vengeful Millie Squires. This time she’s applying the ropes to innocent nurse Evelyn Hunt (Abby Nash).

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