Erotic Distress – Bound And Tormented 4

Erotic Distress - Bound And Tormented 4

Jade Indica: Sexy brunette Jade dons a realistic police uniform to play a cop that is captured, bound and gagged. Jade keeps trying to escape but nothing works! Carissa Montgomery: Busty blonde Carissa is grabbed at home, bound, gagged, manhandled and molested. Then she is stripped for more abuse.

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Erotic Distress – Damsels Bound 5

Erotic Distress - Damsels Bound 5

Hooker in Peril: Molly Winters plays a hooker that ends up in the hands of a bondage pervert. False Arrest: Stripper Talia Monet thought she was being arrested, but realized her error when the cop started binding and gagging her.

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Erotic Distress – Bondage Girls

Erotic Distress - Bondage Girls

Four tales of bondage from gorgeous girls awaits you! Kate Mandala: Kate plays a police profiler who is investigating a bondage freak. When she has herself bound and gagged to better understand her quarry, she discovers she might like bondage a bit too much…

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