For many years, the House of Gord has been an icon for those in the bdsm community who love forniphilia. If you wish to look at women bound in strange but very exciting ways, this is definitely the site to go! Their videos feature ballet boots, tons of very tight latex corsets, tight gags, collars, hoods, cat suits or arm binders.

House Of Gord – Reyja Stretched And Fucked

Having watched the infamous scene in the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” we figured a consensual Gordian version was required. Unfortunately we didn’t have a sadistic accountant in the team, so we improvised with a fucking machine and a chain hoist to stretch her out and hold her firm while the machine ravished her.

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House Of Gord – The Coco Box

Angelica and Fem-Car test out the latest Coco device that made it from artwork to reality. Fem-Car had a the prototype fucking machine installed, but it needed more work. So we decided to use the box to try and get Angelica to stop smoking, by aversion therapy.

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House Of Gord – Petra Air Chaired

After seeing Petra perform in the ‘Garden Ornament’ feature, we just had to see what she could do on the air chair. The unsuspecting Petra climbs aboard, eases herself down onto the tip of the dildo and then adjusts herself as we slowly screw in the dildo to full penetration… Once she is tightly strapped down we engage the air powered super cinching system and crank up the air powered dildo.

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