HOM – Bondage Classics 11

HOM - Bondage Classics 11

Outdoor Bondage Doublecross: You’ll see her spread-eagled out doors on a wood cross with her captor’s taunting hands kneading her helpless body. Erotic Denial: They were, tightly tied in the forbidden fruit that had been teasing and taunting the entire school, now open and on display. Breast Bondage: Beautiful Jennifer is compelled to pay the price of severe tit tease in order to serve penance and save her falling marriage. Code Of Honor: Alice cheats on her husband, and her brother-in-law takes revenge in the family tradition. She receives lots of cruel lashes! Rude Arousal: Darlene, the little town flirt, is taught a lesson in bondage and discipline by the local girls. It’s tough lesson never to be forgotten.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 10

HOM - Bondage Classics 10

Nina Never Knew: Nina’s self bondage is interrupted by a stranger who fulfills her wildest sexual fantasies. Trouble For Suzie: Suzie’s curiosity leads her to investigate the new neighbor’s apartment, only to find herself in stringent bondage. The Pledge: The vibrato sings its song as the new initiate, submits to the bizarre rites of the sorority. Red Hot Captives: Marti Kaye stars in this red-hot bondage film, captive to an expert rope master. Sign!: To get her to sign the document, her estranged husband uses rope, whip, wire bra, and a dildo to persuade her to say yes.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 9

HOM - Bondage Classics 9

Closet B&D: You will turn your fantasy into ecstasy as you tie her, gag her, strip her. fell her, caress her and touch her. Disciplined: Simone hums into her gag as she feels the cruel bite of the whip followed by the warmth of her mistress’s loving caress. Hobbled & Harnessed: A young girl’s catalog of sex devices and fantasies combine to produce a film you won’t soon forget. Stripped & Whipped: Again and again the whip finds it mark, and the naked Marilyn finds herself dancing to Sara’s tune. Submission by Choice: In this film, you will travel along with the tow lovelies as they experiment in restraint, pain and love.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 8

HOM - Bondage Classics 8

B&D Climax: He wants nothing more than to see her writhe, experiencing the delights from his drawing hands. The Victim: He never lets her reach that body-racking rage she so desires. He kneads her pert, slick body and her hot spots. Revenge: He grabs, ties, and suspends her; toys with her cunt, ass and breasts; massages her golden flesh into a sweat. Hot n’ Hanging: A thrilling and chilling episode with man, woman and rope! The suspension alone is worth the price! The Stranger: Trapped in her dormitory, the pretty coed is tied, suspended, and ravaged by an unknown masked intruder.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 7

HOM - Bondage Classics 7

A slave to his pleasure: She is placed in the ultimate bondage – suspended and squirming, held to and by her body’s own weight. mmmmph!: A delicious, realistic recreation of a couple’s private bondage session is recorded on film. Bound gagged and punished: Mary takes a nap waiting for her bondage partner and dreams of someone bigger and more powerful than Jerry! The Secret: Jennifer’s interest in bondage is shared by her roommate. It’s a surprise for each of them, dancing to the whip. Tickled Torment: Sara and Kim tie and tickle each other into bound frenzies, each one taking the dominant role in their erotic torture game.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 6

HOM - Bondage Classics 6

Midnight Mistake: They find her bondage magazines and her own rope that is soon wrapped around her own wrists. Punished: Suspended by her wrists, Marla is stripped, whipped and tortured with clothespins. Caught, Tied, and Fettered: She fights with all her might to adjust her body to the many strenuous bondage positions and suspensions! The Interrogation: She can only watch the assault on her helpless body – the molesting and slapping of her bare skin. Captive: My interrogator observes my helplessness. His time is my time. He has all day and I love each moment, each fraction of a second, to feel his tortures.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 5

HOM - Bondage Classics 5

Suspended Suspense: He takes her from one position to another teasing her naked body giving her a dose of her own medicine. Slave For Rent: Donna, neatly gift wrapped, watches helplessly as she is bought and paid for. Karen quickly disrobes Donna and reties her for her own pleasure. Sweet Revenge: He grabs his raving bitch wife, and gags and ties her, open and vulnerable, to a pallet. Now it’s time to show her who the man of the family really is! Muffled Protest: Dressed in luscious black lingerie, sky-high heels, strapped and chained, their near naked bodies squirm on the satin sheets. Hot and Helpless: The master gags, blindfolds, and ties his captive in various positions displaying her body.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 4

HOM - Bondage Classics 4

Two to Tangle: A perfect mixture of high intrigue and bondage. Captured, tied, bound. Rope Dream: A young girl, carried by her fantasy, straps, gags, and finally hogties herself into an inescapable web of fear. Steel and Leather: The chains and leather, set off with high heels, and a corset, leave her vulnerable and wide-eyed with fear! Appointment for Bondage: Lynn gladly pays for a master to fulfill her need for a strict bondage, but Lynn gets much more than she paid for. The Trainer: She is a leather-clad, cat-suited trainer. Her victim is tied, gagged, whipped, and subjugated by an expert dominatrix.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 2

HOM - Bondage Classics 2

Includes vintage bondage movies: The Hostage – You almost break your fingers trying to move slowly out and grab that handcuff key. Now you are free! The Penalty – The first ropes cut her off from freedom. Jeanna shows her fear as she watches her elbows wrenched painfully together and tied there. Whatever Wanda Wants – Cunning, cruel, and beautiful Wanda shows her wickedness to her sweet, innocent victim. On Second Thought – Crying and twisting, she can find no escape from the prying hands and lips that seek her out. Straps are followed by even more straps. The Auction – Three girls, wide-eyed and tearful, stare at the doorway. The trader opens the door and admits a buyer. It’s an auction you’ll never forget!

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HOM – Bondage Classics 1

HOM - Bondage Classics 1

The Terrorist: She’s in the trunk of a car and is then compelled into a warehouse. Two awesome, hooded men whip and tickle her naked body! Assault!: She only wanted to use his phone, but Jeannie soon finds a new helplessness as he pounces on her and winds the cords deeper and deeper! Rope Burn: Wanda is taken and stripped of her riding clothes and treated to incredibly tight breast bondage including clothespins on her sensitive nipples! The Traitor: There, in the back of the house, is an ominous-looking woodsman. Her scream pierces the woods! High Strung!: Sheila pays one hundred dollars for her date with ropes, straps, and chain. And her masked, friend helps himself to her lush rewards!

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Will Of Iron

A dominating executrix puts four ex-wives through rigorous disciplines and tortures to find out who stole her late husband’s will. These girls get tortured and have to decide if they will give in to a nasty Fem Dom power or have a will of iron.

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Slaves Of The Warrior Queen

Thieves waylay a pair of palace guards dragging a lovely blonde slave girl in heavy shackles. They torture the guards hoping to learn the secret of entering the ancient walled city. They bring them to the warrior queen who shows them who the true FemDom is.

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House Of Correction

Go through the barred gates and pass within the clammy walls of a high security women’s prison, there to share the steamy lives of the corrupt, lesbian warden and her tormented inmates. Warden Loften runs a tight ship and any girl that gets out of line will be punished…severely!

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House Of Milan – Sinderella’s Revenge

Poor Sinderella! She seems like the unluckiest girl on earth. Fresh out of the slammer, the only place she can find refuge is the home of her vicious cousin Marcy and Marcy’s spoiled and cruel step – Kim and Loretta. Taking full advantage of her desperation, the girls use Cindy as their personal slave. However, the tables are soon to turn! When Cindy’s rich uncle dies, she finds herself in charge. Cindy (Alexis Payne) agrees to let her relatives stay on at the luxurious family homestead, but only after they have submitted themselves to a healthy dose of discipline in Cindy’s very own personal dungeon! Prepare yourself for HOM’s latest, hottest video, a twisted tale of greed, lust, cruelty and ever so sweet revenge. Get ready for hot bondage action, featuring plenty of suspension, foot flogging, rack stretching, tit clamping and lots of good, old fashioned, butt blistering whip whacking.

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Dr. Ruthless

Dr. Ruthless, America’s kinkiest sexual researcher, and her faithful assistant, Mongo, have enticed four apparently innocent college coeds into their laboratory dungeons for an experiment in bondage and obedience!

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HOM – Special Request

HOM - Special Request

Jan is rich and powerful-and submissive in her secret heart. When she’s helplessly bound and gagged she comes truly alive as a woman and as a sexual slave. But with who can she share her fantasy? She hasn’t met a man strong enough and sensitive enough to encourage her private passions. She feels alone, isolated. Carla provides fantasy fulfillment, and it is to Carla that Jan turns for her “special request.” Will it be enough? And will she find, too late, that it’s far more than she counted on?

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