L.B.O. Entertainment Group is awesome and well known fetish and bondage studio that has one of the largest fetish video libraries in the world. Their speciality is lesbian bondage, hard whipping, caning and torture in the dungeon. L.B.O. Entertainment production features the Harold Lime bondage Collection, Henri Pachard’s Domina or vintage fetish series with mistress Alexis Payne and many others.

LBO – Bondage Pajama Party

Four of the cutest dolls to wiggle a butt at a bondage bash get together for a round-robin tourney of tying up, chaining down and getting it on! An old-fashioned pajama party turns into a orgy of pain. And the hostess doesn’t even show up or does she ? Each girl receives a gift wrapped present. “Inside each package,” announces a voice from a tape recorder, “is an inspiration for the party.” But what inspiration! In turn, the girls open their surprise packages. Leather restraints! Torture devices! Free-standing bondage machines! The party is on. Pajamas fly in all directions as the fun begins. In bras and panties-or stark naked they dive into the pleasures of B&D. Cast: Annie Warhol, Bianca, Danielle, Ernest Greene, Renee Summers.

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The Price Of Curiosity

A gal who is just a little bit curious about what’s going on in the mysterious basement dungeon of a famous lash-lady named Alexis Payne decides to quench her thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately for her, she finds the answer the hard way – from painful experience!

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LBO – Whipped Into A Frenzy

Slaves are always making mistakes. And “those” in charge always have to devise more stringent ways to make sure these mistakes aren’t repeated. This is why Dee Dee (Caressa Savage) finds herself on a huge slant rack responding to a variety of her mistress whips.

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LBO – Payne Full Revenge

Mistress Payne meets up with Casee in Master Seven’s dungeon and the sparks fly along with the whips. She also meets up with the beautiful Felecia and newcomer Traci Allen. Her first and last bondage movie!

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LBO – Adventures In Bondage

LBO - Adventures In Bondage

Three investigative reporters vividly relieve each of their harrowing B&D encounters to a skeptic peer. There is no bondage methods that is left untapped, as well there shouldn’t be. So feast your eyes on this. Don’t tie your hands up for too long; you have work to do before the end of the movie! Starring: Danielle Mc Neil, Desi DeAngelo, Diamond Lane, Jade East.

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LBO – Disciplinary Action

LBO - Disciplinary Action

Typical modern day office workers, lazier than crazy and they want to do is surf the net and pick up guys. Well the owner and her office manager won’t stand for it. To redeem their jobs they are put through some stiff disciplines. So cum on in and get a little Disciplinary Action for yourself! Starring: Amber Ellan, Ashley Renee, Darby, Sharon Kane, Star Chandler.

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The Pain Game

I wanted a girl with no limits, a girl who relished pain so deeply I could drive her into a new dimension, and she could suck me into it with her…

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Wilhelm Siethen – Bound Destiny

This unusual torture video opens in the midst of one of the most bizarre scenes ever: a beautiful dark-haired girl, stark naked, is being relentlessly battered by a woman as starkly savage as any youve see in your life – and yet, shes thoroughly enjoying it! Not only does the girl thrill to every cutting stroke, she gets increasingly aroused sexually. Enter two innocent cuties – their car has broken down, and this spooky old house is the only place anywhere nearby. They have to stay overnight and, well, the result can only be described as harrowing. At first, the girls are restricted to a bedroom. Discovering implements of sadomasochism, however, they fall into a girlish, giggly session of bondage play. But when curiosity gets the best of one of them, and she disobeys the Mistress of the house, fun bondage turns into very real cruelty. First one and then the other is mercilessly brutalized. Fiendishly creative torments are brought into play. The owner of the house has constructed a medieval chamber of horrors in her basement, filling it with torture devices and instruments of suffering. And does the bitch ever know how to use them!

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