Ashley Lane – Ballet Slipper Burglar Pt2

Ashley Lane - Ballet Slipper Burglar Pt2

In part two Ashley Lane find herself at the mercy of Lews games of predicaments. Put into a tight armbinder and chastity and tight leg straps, Ashley is informed that if she escapes in the allotted time of 5 minutes that she can go free! Also that if she does not get free, Lew Rubens gets to spank her! Well this naive burglar gives it all she has to escape. And to her credit manages to undo two straps! She is quite happy with herself. At first. Then realizes she still can’t get away. Can you say “Lews cat and mouse game?” I think you can.

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Ashley Lane – Ballet Slipper Burglar Pt1

Ashley Lane - Ballet Slipper Burglar Pt1

In this ballet slipper custom video, the beautiful Ashley Lane and I finally get to work together! The slightly typical but classic storyline suits this scenario well and Ashley delivers like a true damsel. Boy did THIS burglar rob the wrong house! In part 1 our sneaky thief breaks into Lews house while he is home! One of Americas dumbest criminals for sure. And most beautiful too. Lew quickly subdues her, ties her up so tightly that she can barely move. We can’t let this one get away right?

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Lew Rubens – Drea Morgan Regulated!

Lew Rubens Productions has teamed up with H2O Gems and this is one of the first clips we have made together. Drea Morgan takes to the water chained and weighted to the bottom of the pool with only a scuba regulator keeping her breathing. Once balloons are added to her nipple piercings, you can even hear her screams underwater!

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Drea Morgan – Abducted Camper Pt 1

Drea Morgan - Abducted Camper Pt 1

Our video opens with the bad guy POV cam slowly sneaking up on a tent early in the morning. He looks around for a good hiding place then throws sticks at the tent until the camper wakes up. Drea Morgan does wake up slowly, gets dressed and goes out of the tent, takes a deep breath of the fresh country air… then out of nowhere a lasso hits her! She struggles but is quickly subdued, gagged and bound. The bad guys pulls her shirt up and her cutoffs down, gropes a bit then goes off on some unknown task, leaving our heroine struggling helplessly.

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Sarah Brooke – The Bondage Challenge Pt1 – The Takedown

World renown wrestler Sarah Brooke is doing an exhibition in a third world country and catches the eye of the dictator there, who sends his minions to “recruit” her for his special kink: having beautiful women struggling in bondage predicaments. But Sarah doesn’t go down easily. She obviously has self defense skills but soon succumbs to the evil henchmen, who overpower her and hold her so the main minion (Lew Rubens) can tie her up. Once helplessly bound, the bad guys leave her until they can come back for her after dark to take her to the dictators estate.

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Lew Rubens – Bound Lexi Fetish Mermaid

Lexi agrees to being a Fetish Mermaid reluctantly. So we let her practice a bit with the monofin and just holding her hands behind her back until she gets comfy. THEN the clip starts. I don’t think she had any idea how tight her arms and legs would be welded together. But what a Fetish Mermaid dream she makes. She swims around for us showing off that hot body in total helplessness.

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