Powershotz is online since May 2000 producing high quality and original BDSM, bondage and damsel-in-distress videos. They are specializing in master/slave fantasy with emphasis on tight bondage, discipline and abduction fantasy. Watch first time as well as experienced bondage models getting enemas, hard spanking, whipping, forced blowjobs, tickle torture etc.

Powershotz – Sub Prime

Powershotz - Sub Prime

Stacie is bitch stripped and butt slapped, dominated, spanked, collared and leashed. Led like a doggie on a leash and put in the doggie cage. She is let out of the cage and taken to a room where she is cuffed wrist to ankle and pump gagged. Then cuffed to the bench for a vaginal and anal oiling then vibrated to orgasm. Next we find Lexis resting on the couch looking hot. She briefly awakens when a hand holding chloroform soaked rag is held firmly over her mouth. This time when she wakes up she is bound to a chair with a bit gag in her mouth. She is left bound in place until a second man comes along and takes the gag out… only to replace it with cock.

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Powershotz – Triple Threat Treat

Powershotz - Triple Threat Treat

Bondage virgin Lexi undergoes strict rope bondage, ball gag and hog tie, then is ass upped and put in her place. Victoria, one hot 18 year old bikini model with smooth and muscular legs. Fully nude, ball gag harnessed, cropped, spanked, and dominated hard at the whipping post. Then Jerzi, that perfect butt, cover girl face, 18 year old sweetheart… she gets bit gagged into drooling submission in a wrist to ankle rope tie that puts that smooth tight little sphincter right out where it can be readily penetrated by a hard cock.

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Powershotz – Pretty Little Profit

Powershotz - Pretty Little Profit

Cheerleader Bobbi is roped up pretty tight when she is awakened by a rough hand sliding up between her thighs. Her cries for help are met with a gag and she is unable to get loose no matter how hard she struggles on the van floor. When he gets her home she is chained to a bench where she is inspected for defects and her gag reflex is tested while she is bound in rope.

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Powershotz – Private Security

Powershotz - Private Security

Andi and Shelby are caught shop lifting by mall security. But the cops are never called. The security guards find the two young thieves to be in immediate need of correction. They are cuffed to the floor board and driven into the country for a quick and effective punishment regimen that will insure that they’ll never again stray from the straight and narrow. Bottom spanking, stripping, domination, ball gag, rough rope up and riding crop are combined with efficient mental domination to correct their behavior. In the end they are left tied up naked on the side of the road…their clothes are thrown out… and they are left to get loose… get dressed… and go free.

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Powershotz – Hard Lessons

Powershotz - Hard Lessons

Three young lovelies stray off course and must be set straight. First April… bird watching on private land. Turns out the property owner was watching her strut her feathers and liked what he saw well enough to grab her, bind her to the trailer, tape gag her, and drive her off into the sunset. Then Samantha… goes to a modeling gig without checking out the photographer first. He strips her, dominates her into submission, strappado cuffs her, binds her kneeling to the post, ball gags and whips her, nipple clamps and fondles. Candy… lovely kitchenette…. with that water running and the door unlocked she is setting herself up for a good stripping followed by a trip upstairs. Nice kick ass little struggler.

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Powershotz – Two Teen Tarts Topped

Some guys like to control their women. But some guys want more than that; some guys want to dominate their women and bind them. The Master in this film does just that with several hot young girls – they’re taken, stripped, and dominated into bondage slavery. They are compelled to endure ball gags, the whipping post, suspension bondage, and being hog tied.

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Power Shotz – Rayne’s Return

PowerShotz - Rayne's-Return - DVD

Beautiful Brunette Rayne returns, and as usual, is in way over her head! She finds a masked man waiting for her in her living room, and in moments her hands are cuffed behind her back, and a gag is placed in her mouth! She is completely helpless to stop the masked intruder, and that’s where the fun begins! What follows is a great display of dominance as Rayne is pushed to the limits by her Master.

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Power Shotz – Cheerleader Training Camp

Powershotz - Cheerleader Training Camp

Cheerleader on her way home from training is zip tied and taken for a ride. The ride includes being hooded and gagged, hogtied and whipped, leather strapped, fondled, neck roped and humiliated into subservience. Forced stripping, strict bondage and hard discipline will prepare her to cheer up those horny fans the way they need cheered up!

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PowerShotz – Cindy Anal Training

Cindy has her bottom slapped, oiled and digitally penetrated. The glass anal dilator is inserted into her mouth to allow her the opportunity to salivate on it first. Then her pussy and ass are opened up as she fights it hard with internal muscle contractions that are useless against the penetrating forc. A hand over her mouth muffles her cries when the going gets tough. She has been informed that she will be butt fucked soon by the construction worker out back. She squirts slightly as the probe is removed and is bit gagged in preparation for her introduction to the stud.

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PowerShotz – Kayyla Disciplined

Kayyla gets run down, bitch slapped to submission, bitch stripped, hand cuffed, and carried inside to be put in the stocks to receive her punishment. Which includes and ass whipping and a rod up the ass. She’ll think twice before taking a ride from a stranger again!

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PowerShotz – Bench Fucked Bootie Kayyla

The photographer leaves Kayyla bound to the training bench for a couple minute break. While he is gone, the bitch takes a hard black dick. The dude doesn’t waste any time. He pokes that bitch in the butt, then takes a choke strap and neck straps the bitch. He uses it to hold that head up and make the bitch panic as his cock hammers the mark. Then he splits, leaving her tied up just as the photographer had left her. When he returns, he notices a little redness on her butt, but thinks it was from the earlier spanking.

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PowerShotz – Candy Anal Training

After having her virgin anus lubricated and stretched digitally… it’s time for the young Candy to take the full force of the glass rod up the ass. Again neck choking and bottom slapping are employed. The bitchling moans vexes and clutches as her sphincter is stretched. Awesome reality anal training!

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PowerShotz – Heather Anal And Oral

The apprehensive slave girl Heather must endure the glass rod up the ass in order to complete her training. She is apprehensive and very tight. She squeezes up her butt cheeks tight but cannot prevent the tool from finding its way in. Gasping and squealing only encourage the Master to throttle her harder, and when the tears begin to run and she breaks down and sobs, he is encouraged by her behavior, but relentlessly completes the task. She’ll be rodded until broken and ready for full hard cock!

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PowerShotz – Rod n Ream

Super hot anal training scene with one hot little inexperienced number. The choke chain is looped around her neck and hooked overhead to keep her head up. The ball gag trainer keeps her mouth shut during those first few invasive penetrations. Then is removed to allow her to suck, and grunt. Because the big bulbed end of the glass anal rod is a real mouth opener. And ass opener. Once she’s been dilated and lubed up the cock slides easily down her throat. And after delivering the mail to the back of her throat it is inserted to full penetration depth in her ass. Awesome facial expressions!

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PowerShotz – Free Fuck

19 Year old hottie Hazel is tied to a tree with her arms bound overhead. Her shirt is ripped off and her jeans pulled down around her ankles. A sign is placed on the trail, advertising the free fuck. The sign tells hikers to fuck her hard no matter how she begs or pleads. The horny hiker that finds her is more than willing to take her up on the offer. First he takes her to her knees and makes the tied up bitch suck… then he gets her down doggie and hammers the bitch from behind. She begs and pleads all the way through but he ignores her pleas as instructed by the sign. Nice hard fuck of a hot tied up teen.

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PowerShotz – Anal Training Renae

Awesome black bootie chile Renae is leather strapped on the bench with choke strap about her neck. Then that fine black ass is lubed up, stretched out with digital precision and finally opened up hard with the big stick. Once she’s been dilated she gets to use her mouth and those big fat lips to service master cock until she gets a squirt to the throat. Awesome anal training scene!

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PowerShotz – Taking The Ass

Cute little blonde Aubry gets her virgin anus dilated with lubricated, butt slapping, digital penetration. Her friend Tatum must kneel in bondage and watch as her smooth muscles contract spasmodically under dilation. The bitch is first ball gagged, then the gag removed so her vocal protestations and heavy breathing can be expressed. Awesome reality anal pop with this scared first timer. She appears to enjoy the carnal invasion of her private parts as her mouth flies open and her eyeballs float.

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PowerShotz – Wendy Anal Training

Shy and timid slave girl Wendy gets her virgin bottom opened up with a large glass probe in this intense reality anal training scene. While the procedure is intense and invasive from both a physical and mental standpoint, an anal virgin would be well advised to come in for training before allowing her boyfriend to take her up the ass.

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PowerShotz – Ass Of Lamb

The captive nude female Tiki is bound securely.. face down and spread wide on a board between two saw horses. Strict binding is required to prevent injury during the tense anal training session. An anal virgin as tight as Tiki will take time to break in. She is lubricated, butt slapped, and bottom oiled along with pleasureable vaginal massage and vibrational probe insertion between tense moments of anal dilation. Her glutial and thigh muscles are strong. It’s rare to find an ass this tight in a position to be fucked this easily.

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Power Shotz – Bondage Newbies

PowerShotz - Bondage Newbies

Picture young fresh faced sexy girls with their hands cuffed behind their shapely soft bottoms. Or their legs spread open wide and roped really tied, while their creamy breast hang free with nipples erect just right with a hard ball stuffed in their pretty pie holes, not to mention the girls aren’t wearing any panties. They squirm and squeal in uncompromising positions.

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Power Shotz – Bitch Strip Boogie

You want humiliation, then don’t miss out on the pretty Cameron bark like a dog! She even cries like a baby with a crotch rope strangling her pussy! All lovely young bitches, stripped, whipped, gagged and bound that are waiting in bondage just for you!

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Power Shotz – Sub Prime

Stacie is bitch stripped and butt slapped, dominated, spanked, collared and leashed. Led like a doggie on a leash and put in the doggie cage. She is let out of the cage and taken to a room where she is cuffed wrist to ankle and pump gagged. Then cuffed to the bench for a vaginal and anal oiling then vibrated to orgasm. She is made to bark like a doggie, and finally lubricated and ass opened with digital and vibratory dilation.

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Power Shotz – Pretty Little Profit

When sex pervert sees pretty little Bobbi strutting her stuff in that red cheerleader uniform he hears the register ringing. Cheerleaders are in high demand these days! He takes her home the hard way, with leg kicking rag over mouth seduction. Hog ties her in the van and carries her in so he can prep her for delivery.

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Power Shotz – Teacher Taught

Teacher Tiki comes to the home of one of her students to admonish the parent for the poor performance of the student in class… and gets a lesson in discipline of her own! Snatching, stripping, strapping, slapping, bit gagging, deep throating, anal rodding, butt plugging, crotch rope action!

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