Serene’s Bondage Dream – Hogtaped

I squirm and struggle as hard as I can without falling off of the bed. I eventually start to call out for help, but the man reappears and quickly shoves a huge black ball in my mouth. It has a strap through the middle of it and he buckles it tightly around my head, ensuring there is no way I can get the ball out. Now he starts groping and manhandling me again, but now he’s much rougher!

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Serene Isley – Separate Ways

So when Serene Isley comes to pick up her paperwork, it’s not Jimmy who answers the door, but Ivan. It IS Jimmy’s rope that Ivan uses to tie her wrists and elbows, and what Ivan thought was a pair of Serene’s panties she left behind (but are way too big for her shapely ass) serve as the stuffing in her big mouth when he tapes it shut.

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Serene Isley – Tight Fitting Jeans And Sweater

Despite Serene being exasperated, Ivan continues to add more rope. He cinches her ankles together and moves up to tie her legs just below her knees. They continue to bicker, Serene yelling that there is nothing wrong with her outfit and Ivan disagreeing. The more she bickers, the more rope he puts on her!

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Serene Isley – Making A Night Of It Part 1

Knotting off her wrists, he turns her around and lifts her ass to the countertop. Sensing an opportunity, Serene Isley kicks and squirms, but the big thug has her legs pinned between his thighs as he pulls out more rope. When she finally gets a little leverage, he does let her go, but only to flip her onto her stomach so he can start tying her ankles.

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Serene’s Bondage Dream Hog-Taped

Serene's Bondage Dream Hog-Taped

A man appeared dressed in a white dirty lab coat. He starts groping and manhandling my limp body. He lifts and drops my arms and legs. He squeezes my tits, legs, and feet. He lifts me at the small of my back as he continues feeling me up. He then rolls me over and positions my body in different ways. After a while of this he tapes my wrists and ankles and then he disappears.

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