SocietySM – Mystere

The lovely, hard-bodied Mystere is brought to Ogre’s chambers by her owner, Max. She is taken to a closet and tied as they discuss and plan her fate. Max comes in to spank and grope her…then clamps on the nipples and Mystere is left to suffer. In the next scene, Mystere is hoisted into the air by her ankles. Max holds her still as Ogre whips her suspended body…she is let down for a rest and Max enjoys her pussy as she lays tied and tired on the floor…then back into the air for more whipping. In the final scene, Mystere is spread eagle and Ogre takes a few minutes to completely secure her hands…Then Max comes in…he wires her lower tummy with four TENS pads and turns on the unit…the the fucking machine is used on her exposed pussy.

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