Tickle Intensive – Booth Babe Brutality

Tickle Intensive - Booth Babe Brutality

Bianca starts with Britney’s sensitive bare feet, raking her nails all over soles, causing her to scream with surprise and fall into endless cycles of hot cackling laughter! Just one fingernail tickling Britney’s bare sole makes her hysterical, so when Bianca applies baby oil to her feet and rakes her oiled soles with her fingernails, she completely loses her mind! BRITNEY SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER AS SHE ENDURES THE WORST TICKLING OF HER LIFE, CACKLING, GASPING, AND STRUGGLING LIKE A MADWOMAN! Biancas nails are bad enough, but the pinwheel, comb, and hairbrush are even worse! Britney’s upperbody is also desperately ticklish and Bianca is absolutely brutal to the hysterical blonde!

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Tickle Intensive – Desperately Ticklish Booth Babe

Tickle Intensive - Desperately Ticklish Booth Babe

BRITNEY HOWLS WITH EXTREMELY HOT LAUGHTER, babbling incoherently and struggling like crazy while fingernails rake her tender arches and torment her sensitive toes! Baby oil is applied to her soles and she sighs with relief, thinking the worst of the tickling is over… UNTIL SHE FEELS BIANCAS NAILS GLIDING ACROSS HER OILED SOLES! THE SENSATION COMPLETELY OVERWHELMS BRITNEY, CAUSING HER TO SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH DESPERATE LAUGHTER, struggling and shrieking like a woman possessed as her feet are subjected to a merciless tickling! Everything tickles her feet horribly – the comb between the toes is just too much to take, fingernails on her soles is overload, and SHE ESPECIALLY CAN’T STAND THE BRUSH SCRUBBING HER TICKLISH SOLES! Britney screams with hysterical laughter, frantically pulls at her bonds, and begs for mercy!

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