Chrissy Marie – Babysitter Tied Up In The Tub

Chrissy Marie is a mean babysitter who gets interrupted while on the phone by the boys she is watching. She tells them to go back in their room and not to bother her again! Later we see them (POV) sneaking up behind Chrissy with rope in their hand and the scene fades out. Next thing she knows Chrissy is bound and gagged in the bathtub! The water is turned on and she struggles furiously and gag talks to the boys (POV) demanding to be let go immediately! As the water level continues to rise her clothes get all wet and it soaks her white t-shirt making it completely see through which makes her even angrier! Once the tub is full they leave her there bound, gagged and struggling in the water. She can’t believe they managed to over power her and tie her up like this!

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