Chrissy Marie – Caught Trying To Escape

Chrissy Marie has been bound, gagged and stuffed in a closet by a man who broke into her home. He decided to use her shower before he makes his getaway. Suddenly Chrissy hears the doorbell ring and she pushes the closet door open with her bound legs. Realizing the man in the shower cannot hear anything she starts to scoot her way toward the door. When she gets there she bangs on the door and tries to call out for help through her gag but she’s too late. She starts trying to open the door but she is tied too tight to escape before the man emerges and catches her in the act. He decides he is going to have to make her even more secure so he ties her elbows together and pulls them into a chicken wing position. No more reaching for the door knob! Then he removes her gag and stuffs a large pair of panties in her mouth until it’s packed to the brim then wraps clear tape tightly around her head to seal them in.

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