Chrissy Marie – Cruel Breast Bound Chicken Wing Hogtie

The Hunter comes up behind Chrissy Marie and jams a large red ball gag deep in her mouth, spreading her jaws wide apart. She struggles with him as he flips her over onto her belly and grabs her ankles. Ropes are wrapped tightly around her slender ankles and under her stiletto heels. Chrissy groans into her gag as her arms are jerked up into a brutal chicken wing. He then pulls the top of her sexy yellow top down to reveal her big round natural tits. Chrissy watches in horror as he begins to bind her poor tits with more rope. With her tits tightly bound he pushes her onto her belly, Chrissy tries desperately to keep her back arched to keep from lying on her swollen tits as he attaches a rope to her bound elbows and pulls it down between her bound stiletto heels. He then jerks her into a cruel back arching hogtie with her stiletto heels pulled up close to her crushed elbows.

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