Chrissy Marie – Inadvertently Arrested

Once cuffed Chrissy Marie turns around and pleads again “Officer this is really unfair” as she makes a sad pouty face. When the officer returns he tells Chrissy he just got word that they found her at a house down the street so he is going to let her go now. He removes the cuffs and Chrissy turns around, visibly annoyed. “Thanks for being cooperative ma’am. We never know what we might be dealing with” he says. Chrissy goes on an angry rant… “Well you shouldn’t put handcuffs on someone unless you are sure. I’ve never been arrested and that’s my first time ever being in handcuffs. The officer reaches out hand to try and shake Chrissy’s hand and Chrissy’s swats it away. “Ok ma’am I need you to turn around and put your hands behind your back. I’m arresting you for being disorderly.” Chrissy starts to apologize profusely but it’s no use. He proceeds to cuff her again as he reads her rights then escorts her outside.

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