Chrissy Marie – Naked Captives

Chrissy Marie and Audrey Noir are naked, tightly hogtied and cleave gagged as they squirm and struggle on the bed trying to escape from the tight ropes. After a few minutes Audrey manages the get loose from her hogtie and uses her tied hands to untie Chrissy’s hogtie. Now the naked captives are both ballgagged and bound with their arms stretched overhead. As if that wasn’t punishment enough they are both nipple clamped with the chains intertwined together. They are evil clover clamps that get even tighter when pulled on, something both girls quickly learn when they try to struggle which in turns painfully pulls on each other’s clamps. You can see the fear and concern in their eyes as they realize there is no chance of escaping this time since their captor tied all the rope knots out of reach!

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