Chrissy Marie – Stripped, Stretched & Interrogated Pt 2

Chrissy is seen dangling from her bound wrists with her face slumped forward and her ribs and abs showing. The villain punches her in the stomach to wake her up. Chrissy wheezes a little, then stares at villain with anger. The villain grabs her by the throat “Chrissy Croft. You stole my emeralds. Where are they?” Chrissy grits her teeth “what the fuck are you talking about?” Not satisfied with her response he punches her in the stomach, and then backslaps her across the face, making her half spin so we can see her thonged ass, causing Chrissy to grunt with each blow. Villain goes off screen as Chrissy dangles and writhes struggling to get free. The villain returns with a single tail whip. He lifts her chin up with the handle as she looks wide eyed at him. tell me where the emeralds are, or I’ll start whipping your skin off.” Chrissy fearfully says “you wouldn’t!” Villain then moves a distance behind Chrissy, winds up, and starts lashing her on the back and ass causing her body to writhe, boobs bounce and head tilts back as we see her anguished face with closed eyes after each lash.

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