Chrissy Marie – Stripped, Stretched & Interrogated Pt 3

Chrissy Marie is naked and hogtied with her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows cinched together with rope. She is lying on her side on the floor and is also cleave gagged with a black bandana. We see the villain’s boots pace behind Chrissy as well as a cattle prod that caresses her thigh, hip, ribs and breasts. We see the cattle prod light up above Chrissy before he jams it into her breast shocking her awake. Chrissy writhes and groans through gritted gagged teeth. The villain then crouches behind Chrissy and says “let’s see if you’re more cooperative now”. He fondles her breasts, stomach and crotch as a disgusted and wide-eyed Chrissy struggles. He stands up and as Chrissy struggles, rolling on to her back, he jams the cattle prod in her crotch/lower belly making her writhe and groan through gritted gagged teeth again. Chrissy hyperventilates after the shock, her ribs compressing rapidly. The villain holds the cattle prod over a wide-eyed Chrissy lighting it up above her.

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