Christina – Naked, Wet And Vulnerable

Christina Carter is showering in her hotel room, naked, wet and vulnerable. A man walks in and grabs her perfect body from behind the curtain, dragging her from her shower. He grabs her arms and pulls her wrists tight behind her back. She tries to get away from him and manages to pull an arm free because of how slippery the water has made them, but the man gets a tight grip after pinning her body with his. He lunges over the bed and grabs both of her ankles between his legs to keep them still while he binds them tightly as well. Her tight little body wiggles and squirms trying to get away from this awful man but the more she fights the harder he holds her. He uses stockings to bind poor Christina and after he has her legs secured at the ankles and knees, he grabs another one it ties it tightly around her head and through her mouth creating a very tight cleave gag. He pulls her ankles up to her wrists and uses another stocking to tie her in hogtie.

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