Claire’s Tight Mummification Full Version

Sexy Claire Irons said that she loves being mummified so i decided i would make her day with a super tight multi layer mummification. Wearing panties, a bra and pantyhose, Claire soon finds herself living out what she said she loves. I start with the 1st layer. A super tight layer of shrink wrap engulfs Claire’s sexy body starting at her ankles and moving up up body to her shoulders. Once the 1st layer is is place it’s time for the 2nd layer. Again starting at her ankles, Claire’s body is now tightly wrapped in a very tight duct tape cocoon. As I move up her body from her ankles to her shoulders, the mummification takes shape and Claire’s sexy body is completely wrapped and cocooned. Once Her body is completely cocooned it’s time to move to Claire’s head and face.

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