Dee Williams – Strict Hogtied

Gagged tightly and with hands tied behind her, the busty blonde Dee Williams is dragged into his makeshift dungeon by her neck. She fights and kicks, but she can’t stop him from tying the goat rope off above her head and grabbing her huge tits through her silky satin top. She howls as he pulls a nice tight rope up through her crotch. He brings it around the sides and back through her crotch again, doubles it back, and pulls it tight. Once her upper body is fully bound, he releases her goat rope and guides her over to the bed. He shoves her down on her belly and ties her ankles crossed behind her. He grabs one final piece of rope. He attaches it to the ropes banding her upper body, runs it down to her ankles.. and now wrenching her up by the shoulder harness into a hellacious back arch hogtie, he ties it off.. Panic sets in.. She strains. She is so strictly tied, she cant move a muscle.

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