Defiant Wench Left Brutally Hogtied, Hairtied & Struggling On The Floor

Fayth on Fire grunts and gasps as her elbows are slammed together behind her back as the ropes bited deep into her bicep. With her elbows now kissing the Hunter wraps and cinches them tightly together with the rope. He then lowers her to the floor and ties another ropes around her tiny waists, trapping her forearms in the waist rope. He pulls the ropes taut giving her camel toe as she ropes slices deep in her spandex covered pussy. He pulls the end of the crotch rope down to her booted ankles and bending her legs up her runs the rope between her bound stiletto heels and then back down between her bound wrists. He weaves the hogtied rope between her bound wrists and ankles pulling it bowstring tight.

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