Dixie Comet And Serene Isley – Good Girl & Bad Girl Both Bound

I was sitting at home, watching TV when a man (David Andrews) and a woman (DixieComet) walk in and jerk me up from the chair. The woman holds my arms behind my back while the man gets some rope out of his bag. I try to pull away from the woman but she snaps at me, scaring me. I tell them to please take whatever they want, but they both laugh at me as he ties my elbows and wrists together. The man spins me around on my ottoman, spreading my legs wide so I straddle it. He grabs Dixie Comet from behind taking her by surprise and binds her elbows and wrists. He tells her that my buyers, were more interested in a set. Dixie gets angry, yelling at the man, cursing me. She tries to jerk away but she can’t get the force generated to get away. She begs him not to do this, trying to invoke some decency in him, but he stuffs her mouth full and winds the vetwrap around her head giving her a matching gag.

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