Dixie Comet & Serene Isley – Sisters Suffering Side By Side

My step-sister Dixie Comet was at home lying on her bed watching TV wearing a black girdle when a man breaks in pouncing on her as she yawns. She struggles pulling away from him but he straddles her and quickly pulls her arms behind her binding them tightly together at the wrist and elbow. He crosses her ankles and ties them together and uses another rope to tie her ankles doubled over to her thighs. The man goes to find some panties from the hamper and stuffs them in poor Dixie’s mouth securing them inside with clear tape. After a few minutes, I arrive home and walk into my step-sister’s bedroom. I run over to Dixie and sit on the bed to reach her ropes. Before I get a chance to untie her, the man grabs me from behind and pushes me down on the bed, straddling me as well. I kick and scream and try to buck him off but he far outweighs me and I don’t have the leverage to defend myself at all. He ties my arms at the wrists and elbows while he talks to me about taking turns with me and my step-sister.

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