Drea Morgan – Electrical Taped In Her Pantyhose For The Boss’ Entertainment

A couple of the executives were looking for some entertainment after work while they discussed merger details. Mr. Big Boss asked Drea Morgan to stay after work and attend to the meeting. Mr. Big Boss got started with Ms. Morgan’s bondage as quickly as possible. He brought out a 3 inch wide roll of black electrical tape and welded her arms into a single tape sleeve. He pinned Drea’s arms down to her body with a wrap around her waist and elbows. Drea wiggled her tight ass at the executives as she got down on the ground per Mr. Big Boss’ direction. The Boss taped her ankles tightly together, wrapping up to Drea’s mid calf. And just for good measure, he went ahead and taped her thighs together as well. The Boss pulled a stocking hood over Drea’s head and then stuffed the remaining leg of the pantyhose into her mouth. Mr. Big Boss then took the wide electrical tape and wrapped it tightly around her mouth. Drea gave him worried eyes over top of the tight tape gag.

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