Drea Morgan – Hooded, Strapped And Tightly Hogtied

Drea Morgan starts out in a tight polka dotted skirt with matching sleeves. I quickly put a black ballgag into her mouth and get to work fitting a matching polka dotted hood onto her head. With that smoothed into place I grabbed some leather straps and tightly strap her elbows together first followed by her wrists. With the arms secured I added another strap to her midsection with a smaller strap to cinch it down to her body overall. Another strap is then added above her elbows further compressing her arms into her back. Confident her upper body is taken care of for the moment ankle straps are added to her six inch high heeled feet causing her to take tentative steps back and forth to maintain balance until shes mercifully helped to the ground. She lets out some nice grunting and moaning as she rolls around before I fold her feet into her tight ass and strap her heels down causing her to compress tightly into hogtie position on the floor.

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