Drea Morgan – Mean Chicken Wing Hogtie

Drea Morgan - Mean Chicken Wing Hogtie

This clip is basically Drea Morgan and David having a good time and Drea being kind enough to let David Guinea pig out a tie on her. Starting with her elbows David cinches them tightly together before binding them off holding them tightly behind her back. Next her wrists are secured and shes lowered to the floor where David takes a rope and secures her pink six inch heeled feet together. Next after the ankles David takes a black strap ballgag and stuffs it into Dreas mouth. Finally her legs are tightly cinched up to her frogtie and David lifts her knees up off the ground to ensure that her hogtie is as tight as it can possibly be. Categories: Rope Bondage, High Heels, Pantyhose, Ballgagged, Fetish, On-screen Tying.

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