Drea Morgan – Rude Awakening

Napping on the chaise, Drea Morgan is startled away by big hands grabbing her, but has the sense to struggle from this stranger right away. It does no good, of course; he’s three times her size and strong as a bull, tying her wrists, then using her struggle to put her exactly where he wants her so he can push a cloth into her mouth and wrap vetwrap around her head to keep her quiet. Now back to the fun part: tying up those sexy legs, first at the ankle just above the strap of her high white pumps, then the knees. Her fierce struggling puts her in the floor, but Ivan Boulder doesn’t mind: he just leans over and unbuckles her belt, then unbuttons her white blouse to reveal her beautiful tanned skin, pretty little tits, and pierced nipples. With such an amazing view, it’s impressive that he can concentrate on adding another rope around her tiny waist and to her ankles, pulling her legs up tight. Once he finishes weaving the rope between the various other tie points, he leaves her alone for a couple minutes, during which she squirms and struggles and rolls around in the floor.

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