Drea Morgan – She Wouldn’t Stop Struggling

David broke into her house hoping to find a few items to sell to make some quick cash. Before he could get out, Drea Morgan came home. She walks in and asks who he is, when he hesitates, she goes towards him trying to push him out the door but she’s way out matched. They move to the floor where he ties her wrists and elbows. She isn’t letting up, she keeps wiggling and squirming trying to get away. David gets her ankles tied while they banter back and forth, he pulls her top down and shows off her pierced nipples. She’s ready for the gag. He stuffs a huge pair of panties in her mouth and winds microfoam tape around her head covering from just under her nose to her chin. He loops the last piece of rope from her ankles up to her elbows leaving her in a seated position. When the door closes, Drea screams into the gag. She struggles on the floor, falling to her side and ending up in a tight hogtie.

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