Drea Morgan – Too Sexy For Her Own Good

As the garage door closes behind them, Ivan Boulder grabs her arms and plants a big hand over her mouth. Since it is the garage and the neighbors aren’t too far away, the first thing he does is stuff her mouth with a cloth and adds a few layers of tape to keep it in. He tied her hands in front of her and off to a cross-beam on the wall of the garage. The tape on her mouth had starting coming loose, so Ivan goes to get some more, leaving Drea to pull on the ropes and hop around a little. When he comes back, Ivan unties her wrists from the beam, but he’s not letting her go. He ties her wrists again, this time behind her, then her elbows, and as he’s knotting the rope at her elbows, she tries to give her legs a little break by going down to her knees, but Ivan jerks her back to her feet. She doesn’t go down until he tells her to – and now he does, putting her on her stomach on the floor so he can tie her ankles to her wrists, with the rope through a ring hanging from the ceiling. As flexible as Drea is, this isn’t too bad, though still terrifying, but then Ivan pulls the ring higher, making it a little more uncomfortable for her, and a little more sexy for him.

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