Enchantress Sahrye – Lured To Her Hogtie

Sahrye finds the creepy looking door and opens it entering the room only to find that there’s a man who closes the door and then proceeds to chase her down and grab her up. Pushing her down over the bench he grabs her arms and pulls them back behind her binding her wrists. Holding her by her neck he then forces her over to the table picking her up and seating her down on it while he winds tight ropes around her ankles as well. Sahrye tries to cry out and struggle but she can’t manage before the man finishes up his knots moving up to her elbows to bind them tightly together as well. With the rope bound he decides that her sassy mouth should be handled and grabs some mouth packing shoving it into her mouth before taking microfoam tape and winding it around her head sealing the gag in tightly. He her a bit causing her to yell at him through the gag but that just causes him to come in and grope her a bit.

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