Eve Ellis And Taylor Michaels – Sisters

Dominic Wolfe Enterprises – DWN-23 Sisters. Our story kicks off with Eve Ellis sitting down on the sofa with a glass of wine addressing the camera directly. Talking about the ordeal she and her “sister” have just gone through. It all started with her younger sister, Taylor Michaels, coming home and surprising a “burglar” in her home. Taylor was quickly tied up, gagged with one of her own socks, and left as the burglar ransacked her home, but Taylor was able to squirm to a phone and thought she was going to get through to Eve to tell her she was being robbed, bound and gagged in her home but the burglar caught her before Eve answered. Taylor was tied up again and again… as the burglar decided to make himself “at home” in her home. At one point he even forced her to strip and gave her a good, old fashioned, over the knee spanking before leaving her massively hogtied and sockgagged on the floor of her living room.

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