Futile Struggles – He Hogcuffs, Toe Cuffs, Strips, Elbow Cuffs, Crotchchains Violet, Then Does It Again With Rope

Violet Skye lays on the floor and thinks that she could not be more helpless, but she’s wrong. The creepy man soon hogties her very tightly. She suffers in the tight bondage for a while, but then the man even ties her two big toes! The man then gets a long thin wooden paddle and gives her feet, ass, and even her tits a few thwacks. Poor Violet jerks and whimpers which tighten her bondage even more. Then to make her bondage even more severe, he ties her head harness gag to her toes. If Violet didn’t know the meaning of helpless before, she for sure does now! The man steps back and enjoys the vision and audio of Violet’s predicament. After a while, he puts the clovers back on her already sore nipples.

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