Futile Struggles – Tight Box Hogtie For Ariel Anderssen Part 4

This clip starts where Part 3 ended. I step away once again and let Ariel Anderssen adjust to her clamped nipples. Her moans eventually subside somewhat as she adjusts. Since she has still not made any progress on escape, I roll her back onto her stomach and oil up her feet for some hot oil foot torture fun! Ariel screams, I think, “Oh God” through her gag and yelps as I hold the hair dryer up to her oily, wrinkled soles. I step away and watch her endure her bondage for a while longer before the lights go out and Ariel is left alone. Even with all of my “encouragement”, Ariel made 0 progress on her escape. I added some behind the scenes footage at the very end of Ariel being put in her initial bondage.

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