German Soccer Pro Won’t Make The Olympics

Yvette Costeau is the best player on earth ad her team will be the winner for sure with Yvette playing. Yvette is traveling in the United States before going to Brazil and she’s been invited to a welcome party by the local German community. While she is admiring herself in the mirror a masked man enters the room and overpowers her and chloroforms her. Yvette wakes totally naked and horribly tied to a chair in an abandoned building. She is strong and muscular so her captors used many yards of rope to keep her completely immobilized massively bound arms and legs and her body tied to the chair. Her elbows are crushed together and their are lots of ropes from her ankles to the tops of her thighs. Yvette cries in despair and shakes her body uselessly causing the ropes to dig into her flesh and cause more pain. Yvette curses him in her native tongue and spits at him. After some time taunting her, he becomes bored and shoves a large ballgag into the German woman’s mouth sealing it off with many layers of duct tape. Then he applies clover nipple clamps to her tits and torments her with a shocking machine just for his sadistic amusement.

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