Goat Roped Agony For Voluptuous Neighbor Girl

Curvy Pepper Sterling keeps receiving the elderly couple next door’s mail. She walks over and discovers the door open. I am waiting to ambush her. I grab her and inject her and she is out cold. Pepper awakens groggy on the futon and starts to notice she is completely nude and tied up. I walk in and grab my busty captive who interrupted the robbery. Pepper demands to know what is going on so I take her panties and shove the wad into her mouth. I start to wrap gag her very tightly with microfoam tape and when she is good and gagged I begin to fondle and play with her bound big tits. I tell her I need more rope to finish up taking care of her and the bound beauty’s eyes widen in fear wondering what I mean. I tell her I just robbed the place and she just came at the wrong time. I describe what a goat rope is as I wrap the rope around her pretty neck. Pepper gets wide eyed in panic as I start to tie her in the goat rope. The poor helpless thing struggles like crazy, but I quickly attach the neck rope to her bound ankles. I leave Pepper in her peril.

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