Harmony Concepts – Banners Angels

Harmony Concepts - Banners Angels DVD

Bondage vignettes of beautiful women relieved of their blouses and skirts. Stacy Burke is a naive applicant for a job opening at Jack Banner, Inc. The application test involves lots of intense ropework, mouth-filling gags, and a Drooling Test. In a second story line, Andrea Neal is a work-at-home executive. She and her best friend Jewell Marceau are roughly bound, until Andrea spills her computer pass code worth millions. Girl-next-door Hollywood stars in story three. She has just moved next door to Jack Banner and is already a big fan of his, owning all his Harmony videos. She begs him to tie her up, fulfilling her secret fantasies. Starring: Stacy Burke, Andrea Neal, Jewell Marceau, Jeanne Basone, Sabrina Stone.

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